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Entrepreneurship will mean a lot of uncertainty. If you’re the kind of person who needs a lot of control and a scheduled life, you may not be able to handle the uncertainty that surrounds entrepreneurism. On the other hand if you find you have a need for a controlled schedule, that trait could actually work in your favor.

Entrepreneurship requires long hours, hard work and dedication when you start out. Being able to manage your schedule along with family and control your environment could help you with the organization of your business. When you start, you must take full accountability for everything.  Clients won’t want excuses and they’ll drop you.

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Even when it’s their fault you have to be prepared to deal with the possibility that you’ll have to handle it. You need discipline to survive and stay ahead of your work, ahead of your bills and to grow your business. Take stock of ways your current situation could be improved by better decisions and try holding yourself accountable.


There are no sick days in entrepreneurship when you’re getting started. That’s going to mean you have to be productive, even when you don’t feel good, or risk missing business opportunities. You have to keep yourself in good health with diet and exercise that keeps your body strong and your mind keen. Get a plan for your health and work it.

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There are going to be long hours in entrepreneurship. If you enjoy what you’re doing and are passionate about your project, that intense amount of work is enjoyable. Don’t fool yourself into thinking money alone will be enough to motivate you. And it shouldn’t be your only motivation.


Passion is a great place to start. Make sure you’re passionate about what you’re intending to pursue as an entrepreneur and that you have the skill set to get to work. Get involved in something you’re passionate about doing.


 You might think entrepreneurship is a solo activity, but the truth is that having great relationships is a must to long-term success. It’s not only for the value that comes from referrals, but also for the support you will need. If you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, you’re going to have periods where you need to rely on the strength, wisdom and friendship of others.


Look for opportunities to build your network. A good mentor is something you might consider and other programs will help you find the right people. Just be sure that you invest in them, too. Build strong relationships and open yourself up to the great support and learning that comes from others.

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