We are Allowed to Choose

The Daily Meditation 10.06.2013

We are Allowed to Choose

Ernest Holmes, Our Founder

ernest_holmes-144x150.jpg?width=144Man has the ability to choose what he will do with his life, and is unified with a Law which automatically produces his choice. While he does not  have the ability todestroy the idea of himself, he does have the ability to deface it, to make it appear discordant, but he cannot destroy the Divine Image. Man is an individual and does with himself what he wills.the Scriptures say: “God hath made man upfight; but they have sought out many inventions.” Individuality cannot be automatically produced; it must be spontaneous. It would not be individuality without the ability to think as it chose. 

We live in a Universe of Love as well as a Universe of Law. One is the complement of the other –the Universe Love pulsating with feeling, with emotion, and the Universe of Law, the Executor of all feeling and all emotion. In this lesson on healing, the, let us remember that back of the man which we see is the Divine Image. There is a Perfect Concept of Man, held in the Mind of the Universe as an already accomplished fact, but man is subject to the law of his own choice. 

Ernest Holmes  ”Science of Mind” page 195-196

Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and Author of many books, including the “Science of Mind”

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
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