Web Design 101: Simplicity Is Functionality

Web Design 101

Web Design 101

The image your company portrays will always have a huge impact on your success rate, and this, you probably know by now. Even though most entrepreneurs will agree that content is king, it is not the only factor which can affect the traffic in your site. If content is king, its queen might just be web design.

Packaging is largely essential if you want to magnetize consumer interest. Even though you may have secured the quality of the content and services of your page, your responsibility does not stop there. We are now living in a world where superficiality prevails most of the time, and for you to have the assurance that your page will be appealing enough to the audience, you have to keep up with trends and design your page professionally. If your page looks like it was single-handedly made by an amateur, then you would not be able to catch the eyes of the audience of the World Wide Web. Remember, there are a lot of websites out there, and if you want to keep up and stand out, you have to invest time, effort and money in your site.

Simplicity is Timeless

Have you ever noticed how fashion trends continue to go back after a few years? This is exactly the same when it comes to web design. Nowadays, you’d notice how web designs are simpler and how web designers use simple colours and typography, and this is because the simpler your site is, the more functional it becomes. Filtering the content of your site is the best thing you will probably do, especially if you would take mobile users into consideration. The more filtered and simpler the site is, the faster the audience can see the information they need. Remember, the virtual audience is very impatient and you have to think of ways to cut down your page’s loading time.

Update and Redesign

Since we have already welcomed and embraced 2014, this is now the perfect time for you to shatter some of the old ways that have already been outgrown by most companies for the past few months. In the year 2013, Apple continued to become a trend-setter as evident by its release of iOS7, which basically became the inspiration of most web pages nowadays. The flat design has proven to become more favourable to the virtual audience and this is more than enough reason for web owners to adopt it. The design is simpler, with the absence of certain components of web design that have been of some use for the last few years. The gradients, texture and drop shadows are only some of the things that have not been adopted by flat design. Also, they have bid goodbye to the good old days when colourful is beautiful as the flat design uses colours which are more solid and typography that will match the chosen hue. So since there are so many variations included in this most up-to-date design, don’t you think it is time that you consider redesigning?




By Dorothy Matthews of Big Drop, one of the top web design company in New York.

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