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In January of 2015, we published primelifeministries.com - a Christian Website and Blog to provide Information Pages on being a Christian, Scripture Based Posts on a wide variety of subjects and Special Features as a Free Service to help both believers and non-believers live a better life.


Our primary purpose for publishing this website and blog is to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus Christ as their savior before it's too late and to provide a FREE Witnessing Tool to make it easy and fun for everyone to tell others about Him.

Since January, God has blessed us with thousands of visitors from 123 countries including 25 Muslim majority countries.


Out two most visited Information Pages are the “Most ImportantQuestion Page” and the “FREE Witnessing Tool Page”. Our FREE Witnessing Tool is fun and easy to use and allows those who are too shy to witness to override their evangelistic shyness by simply clicking to share the information we provide with everyone in their email contact list.

God willing, we will be publishing two new posts every week on Mondays and Thursdays.


We are writing this post to introduce you to some of the Special Features we have included on our website. All of these features are located on the right side of each page and they are as follows:

1. Subscribe By Email – Simply click on this feature and insert your email address. Then, you will receive each new post by email just as soon as they are published. Don't worry, we are not collecting your email address and these are the only emails you will receive from us.

2. Translate To Your Own Language – By clicking on this feature, you can translate every page and every post on our website into 90 different languages. So, if you have relatives and friends who don't read English, tell them about our website and this special feature.

3. Charisma News For Today – Informing believers with today's news from a Spirit-filled perspective. Every day, you will be able to read 10 fresh and complete news stories.

4. Inspirational Quote For Today – A new quote every day to inspire you.

5. Bible Verse For Today – Learn a new verse every day.

6. Bible Study Tools – With this special feature, you can insert a Bible scripture or keyword and get your answer from just one book in the Bible or from every book in the Bible and from 49 different Bible Versions. WOW!

7. Google+ Badge – Clicking on this badge links you to our Google+ Page.

8. Recent Posts – This give you quick access to our 5 latest posts by title.

9. Blog Archives – This gives you access to all of our posts by month published and by title.


Please Bookmark Prime Life Ministries and come back every day to catch up on the news from a Christian perspective plus get your daily inspirational quote and bible verse to help you have a great day.



We welcome your comments about our posts, your testimonies about the Goodness Of God in your life, and guest author posts that will encourage, inform or entertain both our saved and unsaved readers.

We would love to publish them on our blog. Place your comments in the comments section below this post, use our “Contact Us” page to send us your testimonies, and send your longer guest author posts to billandteddy.rogers@facebook.com.


We encourage you to take advantage of the information offered and, if it is a blessing or help to you, share it with others.

Thanks and God Bless,

Bill and Teddy Rogers

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