What an Honor!

I am writing this blog today to extend my gratitude to the company with which I am an Affiliate Business Owner.  I have been with this company since February 2011, and during that time, I have been supported by our two Founders, Ed Pettola and Dan Gambardello every inch of the way.

I also had a personal corporate mentor who challenged me and gave me opportunities to step out of my comfort zone to learn and grow a wonderful business.

A few months ago, our Founders sent me a draft of a new website and asked for my opinion and suggestions for changes.  I sent them many suggestions, and they were included on the new page.

Our Founders even accept direct calls from affiliates.  We are supposed to go through our corporate support first, but there are times when I and a few of us have skipped that step.  It has never been a problem.

One of our Founders goes into the field to sell products.  He doesn’t do this as the Founder, just as a representative.  He wants to know what kind of experiences we face.

This week Ed contacted me and asked if I'd do a weekly email/newsletter.  He would be sending it to a long list of corporate connections.  At first, I thought I would be writing strictly about our company, Xpress Healthcare, but he wants to accentuate MY team.  I can highlight a team member one week, for instance. I am free to write whatever I want, long or short. 

I'm crazy to take on another task (like writing five blogs & two team call presentations every week isn't enough).  But I will be promoting our company and my team in particular, so I couldn't say no.  This newsletter can help so many of my team members. 

So, tell me what company you have ever worked with that supported you so much?  I know I have never before been affiliated with a business that not only is open to suggestions but encourages them.  I am so impressed by the fact that our Founders are two down-to-earth men with very high integrity.

This post is not intended to be a promotion for Xpress Healthcare as much as it is to promote two great guys who happen to be the best company owners with whom I have ever been associated.  Ed Pettola and Dan Gambardello, thank you for everything you do.


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