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What If?  This is a question asked by the average person before any endeavor.

What If?

“Don’t wallow in brainstorming. Time spent fiddling with a business plan or filling up whiteboards with ideas is time that you could spend actually launching your business and seeing if the idea floats. Launching gives you real, solid feedback, instead of the imaginary ‘what if’ scenarios dreamed up in a conference room.”–Naveen Jain

Every endeavor begins with a decision. Each of us have decisions to make every day of our lives. We all make good and bad decisions. That’s life. When you look back on your life you can think of some really great decisions that you made, decisions that have altered the course of your life.

“What if we all suddenly get carried away thinking – who will be left to act?”–Andrei Platonov

Life has never been static, it’s constantly changing while opportunities come and go. Doors open and we have the ability to decide whether to step through and seize the opportunity or not. When you are standing in front of that open door of opportunity the question arises “What if?” Should I or Should I?

I am going to open a door for you that could literally change your life, should you choose.

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This video really does make you FEEL the helplessness of those animals who felt trapped in their situations.As well as, makes you FEEL the way many of us have felt in our HUMAN circumstances. Trapped in the way we live! Trapped by how much money we make. Trapped by our perception of “NO WAY OUT.”

“You are in the right place at the right time because The NEO Network creates the RIGHT PLACE RIGHT AT TIME with it’s unique collective momentum.”

In the video you saw people helping these HELPLESS animals which at the same time made me FEEL how it FEELS to be part of The NEO NETWORK.  You see The NEO Network is a group of people who understand the frustration of trying to get ahead. They are people who understand the difficulty and the possibility of Internet Marketing but cannot seem to get out of the hole they are in.

This video helped me to feel HOPE, REDEMPTION, FREEDOM, and a desire to HELP OTHERS get out of that hole.

Technically The NEO Network is not a business. It is an organization of people that join businesses together all at the same time. It’s a group of people that gather together to create a collective bond and power that is not obtained when trying to build a business one by one. Kris Darty’s vision is to create a team of people who all help one another.

This is a completely unselfish, NON-self-centered vision that requires all members to hold the same goal. For those people who are not super experienced at building a team in a network marketing venture or business, which is most people, about 97%, The NEO Network is like a breath of fresh air. It is a soft launch into network marketing.

The goal of The NEO Network is for it’s members to join not just one business, but to continue launching new businesses as new sources of revenue for every member that participates. It is not required for everyone who joins The NEO Network to join the businesses inside The NEO Network, but, that’s the reason that we do have people join.

We expect that those who want to do business online will be the ones to join The NEO Network because of the INTENSELY AWESOME advantage they will have with the collective group of people.

“The NEO Network is uniquely capitalizing on an emerging trend of building the downlines first and then putting them into a business all at the same time.”

Every time NEO joins a new business the Network grows. The NEO Network is free to join as a trial for three months. That may not last forever. So get in while you can.

The idea behind the free trial is that you get a chance to see what is happening inside The NEO Network and understand how it works. It’s such a unique concept because it is rarely seen in action to this degree.

People helping people instead of just themselves. That is a vision I can get behind. We all know we reap what we sow. So time to start sowing some success for others. The NEO Network puts people in a unique position to be ahead of the curve for every new business launch. They are in the right place at the right time because The NEO Network creates the RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME with it’s unique collective momentum.

The NEO Network is uniquely capitalizing on an emerging trend of building the downlines first and then putting them into a business all at the same time. It’s a concept that works if the people stick together. And that is what we intend to do. When the entire group of The NEO Network members jumps into a business it creates instant downlines and instant profits for many of them. The rest of those who come in later might have to wait a little longer, but the Network keeps growing. So some make instant money, some make fast money, some must wait a little while, but in most cases within months people are making money. ***

The NEO Network uses the funds it gets from it’s members (who pay $100 a month after three months of free trial) to fund the promotion and marketing of NEO Network. The public marketing has not even begun at the time of this writing, and even when it does, it will be everywhere. The NEO Opportunity will never get old because they continue to offer more opportunities for the entire network to join.

Once someone signs up for NEO they will realize that there will be several business opportunities to join and that others underneath them will also be joining because of the perpetual marketing of NEO. The plan is that a new business will be launched into by The NEO Network members every 90 days. This keeps the sources of revenue flowing, allows people a choice of which opportunities they want to join, and always comes with the powerhouse of marketing power that NEO itself is lending to the opportunity.

The NEO Network does not appreciate the “free loader”. As part of The NEO Network, we all “do what we can” says Kris Darty, the creator of the network. If we all do what we are good at, and we help others with the skill set that we have, and we are not lazy, then success is inevitable. Sometimes it will take longer than you would like for us to help you, but we are here to help and as the network continues to grow, more and more great people are coming into help.

The current business opportunity that NEO Network members are part of in pre-launch is called “WakeUpNow.” This is a super fast growing business that has been around since 2009. Here is some information about WakeUpNow. Jump in now with NEO Network for the extra advantage!


Enter The Matrix NEO Network Wake Up Now


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