What is a Triop?

What is a Triop?

I had never heard of a Triop and was so intrigued that I had to buy a kit to find out just what these little pond monsters were !!  Mine are just two weeks old at the moment ….. and I have magnified them a little !


Well believe it or not they have been around for 300 million years and they are pronounced “try-ops”.  They are also called Tadpole or Shield Shrimps and they are creatures that biologists often call living fossils for which Triops have truly earned their title.

These little creatures are from around the Triassic period and have witnessed lots of large and spectacular creatures, including seeing dinosaurs come and go !


So what is the secret of their success?  Very simple ….   they are masters of a habitat that has become too tough for many – and that is the temporary pool.  They love shallow puddles that appear when it rains but they dry up very quickly so that causes a problem. The temperatures of these puddles go up and down and then again so do the chemicals in the water.


If you decide to breed these at home you cannot use tap water.  It has to be bottled water and even better rain water if you can collect it in a butt.  You also need to keep them at a room temperature of at least 21 degrees centigrade.

Triops only live for a very short time between 3 and 6 weeks but when I mentioned earlier about what happens when the water in the puddles dries up they leave behind the next generation of eggs which you can then repeat the process.  The eggs are almost invisible measuring around 0.4mm across.


I am not an affiliate for this company but it is worth checking it out, especially if you have young children as there are many things to do with wildlife for them to do. The company is called Interplay UK 




Ok so this is something totally different to what you are used to from me but I stopped blogging some time ago and just getting back into the swing of things again so thought I would start off with something far away from marketing for a change.

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