What Is Goal Setting?

Goal Setting is setting up a “Plan of Action” to arrive at an object, or end that one strives to attain.

“Goals are Dreams with a deadline.”–Tony Robbins



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It has been stated many times that men who set goals and have plans are the ones who will dictate to others.  It is also true that those who have no goals and plans are the ones who will be dictated to.

You've probably heard that being successful is all about setting realistic goals? It should come as no surprise to you to learn there is a quite a bit more to success than just setting your goals.

Goal Setting Success Plan questions and answers:

1) What is a goal?

A goal is a target achievable in measurable attainable steps.

It is way more than just a desire or a need.  It has an existence of its own. A goal has to be crystallized and meaningful.  It is a Blueprint designed with the Action steps necessary in place to be followed.


2) How to set a goal?

Goal Setting is a process which begins with an achievable wish, need or desire. To begin a plan of action you must decide on the following:

a.  What do you want?
b.  Where do you want to be?
c.  Your status, career or qualifications?

Setting achievable goals are “goals” where you can influence their realization and measure your progress towards them.

To achieve long term life changing goals you will follow a process of achieving, step by step, short and medium term actions.


3) What are the necessary actions required?

Develop of Plan of Action.  This is your actual Blueprint for achieving your goals along with a target date for their accomplishment.  Start with small individual steps or actions.

Your first action is always to always write out your goals.  By putting pen to paper, or the necessary detailed goals to notebook or laptop will give your goals an existence of their own.

While writing a plan is an essential step in achieving your goals – without it you will, over time, need to amend the long term goal to fit your reality.  If not, you will eventually reduce the goal to a wish, and wishes only come true by chance.


4) Always Analyse Your Results

You then need to analyse, and work out in detail, how you are going to accomplish each individual goal. This  will let you see if your plan of action or blueprint is on target.


5) What steps do I need to take today?

Daily review and check off the steps you’re taking to keep you on track. By this time you should have everything already planned in advance. If you discover additional steps are needed, then add them to the plan.


6) Have a Weekly Review

Every week review your progress for the week. Check what you’ve done and what you may have missed. Then make the necessary adjustments for the next week or month.

Your plan should always take into account what you will do today, tomorrow, this week, next week before the end of the month, in the next 3 months, 6 months…? Always write down your results.


7) What if things go wrong?

If goals were easy to achieve everyone would be successful millionaires. Goals are difficult because they tend to move you outside your comfort zone.  In order to be successful you must face your own fear of failure and take the necessary risks.

There will be setbacks, expect them, they are part of the process.

True success comes from the daily actions we all take.  If you are not prepared to take action towards your goals then you are wasting your time.


8.  Never Give Up

Success cannot elude a will that stays in existence in spite of the pressures of adversity.

Setting goals will ensure that all the actions you take are moving you in the direction you wish to go. Daily or weekly reviews keep you on track and applying these simple tips will ensure you achieve your goals

Setting goals will also lead you to the Success you desire.  Success comes to persistent people, making the invisible become visible.

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  • Great tips and advice on goal setting and as you say 'never give up' - Thanks for sharing Angela.  Have shared for you.

  • You're so right Timothy.  There's no success without a plan of action.  Tony Robbins is the greatest.  Thanks for commenting.

  • Been listening to a very old goal setting work shop with Tony Robbins,thanks for sharing.Goal setting is one of those things that you see successful people do,we all should be doing this as well if we want success.

  • Feel free Julie.  Thanks for your feedback ladies,  appreciate.  

  • This is a really well presented blog Angela!  I've hosted team calls about goal-setting, but you have offered some information I hadn't thought of including.  In fact, with your permission, I'd like to use your blog for one of my team calls.  I've shared it too.

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    That's a great quote by Tony Robbins. You have shared great information on Goal setting and I'm happy to share it for you so many more people can read your excellent post.

  • Excellent post Angela, I have been setting goals everyday now for a few weeks. It has helped me stay on track. Liked and shared. Have a good day.

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