What is Gotflipped?

Gotflipped is a  Real Financial Solution for Everyone!




It is part of a Latin American Software Company called Ingresco Cybernetico. It is a group of people working together as a Team Build and will only be allowing 500 people to join.

It's what's known as a  A 2 X 2 Follow Me Program; as your "direct team" will always follow you through the matrix income ends by being Cyclical.   Everyone will cycle through the six Business Centers

Gotflipped has quite a bit to offer to everyone, from the experienced Marketer to Newbie Marketer.

1.  Digital Products.

2.  Autoresponder System.

3.  Hosting.

4.  Apps.

5.  I Cloud.

6.  Free Blog.

7.  Products with Substance which you get 100% Commission.

Earn Money While Learning.  (audio, video, Word, photos)

Six  Business Centers Levels:

a. Business Entrepreneurs – $50

b. Business Specialist-$100

c.  Business Manager -$300

d. Business Director -$500

e. Business Vice President – $1500

f.  Business President – $3500


Maintenance Cost of Only $25.00 monthly.


No more money out-of-pocket after initial $50.

There is so much to say about this Opportunity.  But I can truly say that this program is a true Blessing.  People are  making money and cycling, some in only a few days.

Some other benefits are Residual Income, Entrepreneur Bonuses, as well as a Fast Start and the ability to gain a Car bonus.

Six Ways to Make Make Money:

–2 x 2 System

–Digital Products

–Entrepreneur Bonuses

–Residual Uni-level Commissions

–President’s Circle Car Bonus -$500

–Fast Start

The CEO of the company stresses helping families to create a better lifestyle.  No misleading or cheating will ever be allowed into this Team Build.  Click the banner below for more information.




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To Your Massive Success,

Angela Valadez
210 601 0267

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  • Thanks Sandy.  It's a good thing.  People are automatically placed in your downline.  A true Team Build.

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  • Sounds good Angela, will share for others to see.

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    Sounds like a great program Angela. A lot of benefits you have shared here today. Liked and shared.

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