What is Laminine?

3818712107?profile=originalLaminine is an all-natural, functional superfood, not a supplement or prescription, which does the following four things:

Reprograms the body, to restore optimal health and balance.

Repairs By stimulating stem-cell production, the body is able to use those "unprogrammed cells" wherever they are needed to repair damage and regenerate damaged cells and tissue.

Retraces The body's cells have a memory of past illnesses, and retracing is the process of re-activating, and working through these illnesses. When a disease isn't worked through properly at the time, an element of latency or repression occurs eventually leading to loss of vitality, a sub-standard state of health and eventually diseases of a more insidious nature.

Retracing recognizes that a permanent restoration of health doesn't occur, until the disease process is retraced back through the various stages in the reverse order that the disease developed.

Phone message from MMG:

"This is MMG and I have been suffering from Crones' Disease since I was 13. I have been 51 trips around the sun now and have dealt with 10 - 17 bowel movements a day all that time. I started Laminine with 4 bottles a day. After being on Laminine for seven weeks, I am completely healed. It is amazing that it worked that fast after all these years. 

And I had tried EVERYTHING!  I even had my appendix removed, as it was so painful, and there they found Crone's bacteria. And now I am free to leave the house. I had been on disability for years!
Thank you for telling me about Laminine." 

To Read More:http://judyg-246.blogspot.com/2013/06/what-is-laminine.html

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