What Is The Best Time To Publish Your Content?

What Is The Best Time To Publish Your Content?



Below are some stats by Nick Randazzo who is a research-savvy at Aweber.

I don’t know if you have ever considered this but it really does make a difference at what time of day you post your posts or blog posts but the time of day makes a difference to the results you will get.

Depending on what part of the world you are in people get to see your posts at different times so you should be paying attention to the time differences to get your content seen.  For example if you are posting in the US in the morning to around mid-day then it is more than likely not going to get seen in the UK until late evening or the following day.

In The Morning: Blog Posts, and Then Facebook

Most people view articles and blogs during the morning. This is when people catch up on the news and search for the day’s ideas.   So when do you read blogs?  Below is an example of his research:

80% of people read them in the morning

60% of people read them in the Afternoon

50% of people read them in the Evening

40% of people read them during the night !

So this shows that the best time to post blogs is in the morning and you should be taking advantage of this.  The earlier you publish, the more people will read your post.

Facebook posts get the most shares between 8:30 and 10:00 am (EST) – which is roughly late afternoon or early evening in the UK

Therefore you should make your most important posts mid-morning. They’ll get more shares this way.

OK, so the most important information to get out via Facebook are your blogs and status updates in the morning, but what about the rest of the day?

Afternoon And Evening Is The Best Time For Twitter

Twitter has the most activity in the late afternoon.

The important line to notice is the “Re-Tweet” curve. Random Tweets are the content you put out originally, but Re-Tweets are shared beyond your current followers, so they introduce new people to your content.

The rate of Re-Tweets increases as the afternoon goes on, so if you want to advertise your content through Twitter efficiently, late afternoon is the best time to do it.

So as you can see most people check Facebook on waking and then turn to Twitter later in the day.

So Now What About Blog Posts And Facebook Later In The Day?

Through research it shows that a respectable number of people will still read blog posts throughout the day, so while it is still effective to post them out early it is by no means the end of the world if you send them out later.

You will find that Facebook sharing increases again in the evening, so that way you can best use Twitter to fill in the gap between the morning peak and the evening peak on Facebook.

Now How About Emails and Where Do They Fit In?

Emails are different as there is no best or worst time to send them as it changes based on what you are advertising and who your target audience is.

If you’ve already created a consistent experience with your readers (such as sending Wednesdays at lunchtime or Saturday evenings), it’s likely they’re comfortable with the pattern and might not want it to vary.

Otherwise, the only way to find out the best time to send to your subscribers is to test!

If you are using a tracking system you can send out your emails at different times and see how your results vary: a lot of people open their emails in the morning, some open in the afternoon, and many others don’t even have the option to view their emails during the day possibly due to work commitments or perhaps they are having a day or two off.  As long as you are tracking them you will get to know the best times to send out your emails.  It is just by trial and error until you get the timing right.

You have to just keep on experimenting until you find the best time for you!

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