What is the Purpose of ‘What If?’

What is the Purpose of “What If?”  - An Alternative Solution!


“What if you could be anything, or anybody, you chose to be? Think about it. What would you choose to be?” –Nido Qubein

“A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?” –Jane Wagner

What if:  The Question

This question comes at us every day. What if I said this, or,  What if I did that or what would happen if I didn't!  It all comes down to decisions, some decisions we make will be good and other decisions may turn out to be bad decisions. That’s life.

When you take some time to look back on your life you can think of some really great decisions that you made,  some decisions that have altered the course of your life. You will also remember some really bad ones which have affected you in a negative way.

what if1 What is the Purpose of What If?

“What if we all suddenly get carried away thinking – who will be left to act?” –Andrei Platonov

We must realize that  Life is never static, it’s always changing and opportunities come and go. Doors will open and we  must decide whether to step through and seize the opportunity or not. When you are standing in front of that open door of opportunity the question arises “What if?” do I or don’t I. We must make a decision.

How do we make decisions? This depends on our background, education, life experiences and sometimes advice from others.

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