What Is The Results Machine?

What is The Results Machine?

 This is a Great Tool that will help with your Daily Productivity - The Results Machine

 I just wanted to share with you this great tool ‘The Results Machine‘ that has helped me with my daily productivity !

Before Using



My desk was always cluttered and I just never seemed to get anything finished so carried over to the next day, still never got through everything.  There were notes here and notes there – overwhelmed – YES !! – the housework wasn’t getting done – the ironing kept piling up and up – dinners would end up being a ‘ding’ meal.  This was starting to get me down as even trying to find the time to go shopping was a struggle as I just wanted to get my work done.

I then started using this great tool and –

After Using



Now my desk looks like this every morning.  It is a fantastic tool that was produced by a great friend and mentor Gavin Mountford.

The Results Machine




Like every other tool that is trying to be sold to you I am sure you would also be very sceptical about buying some of these things.  Once we had the training on this Results Machine and saw how it worked it just made me want to get it up and running.  Once I did the result was that my desk has been it’s most tidy in a couple of years or so.

How Does It Work?

Firstly you need to plan your day into the 60-60-30 method – always best to plan your day the night before.

Then allocate yourself a specific time to do each task and focus 100% on that task.

You can list your tasks in the Results Machine and then set the first one for 1 hour.  After 50 minutes take a ten minute break.  Go and make a cup of coffee or just get away from the computer for 10 minutes.  Then get ready to start your second task in the same way but do the full 60 minutes and then take a 30 minute break.  You could go for a walk or go and do your bit of shopping – in my case a bit of ironing !

Another great tip is to turn your Skype and Facebook off while you are doing your tasks and this way you are not likely to get distracted from what you are doing.  I know I would be doing a task (before I used the results machine) and then a message would pop up.  Off I went and had to have a look.  Now my Skype and Facebook is off when I am doing my tasks.  They get done and I have a bit of time for myself when I am finished.  Something that hasn’t happened in years !

So if you are getting overwhelmed and finding you are not getting everything done then why not give it a go – you will not be disappointed.  Click HERE for more information and get that desk tidy and get your work finished on a daily basis.


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