What Not to Buy Until After the New Year

Well as you know, the holiday season is behind us now and stores are flooded with bargains. I understand that you will be christmas-decorations-300x237.png?width=300tempted to take advantage of some of these deals. But before you do so let me share with you some frugal tips on what not to buy until after the New Year.

While there are some items that are okay to purchase, at the same time, there are some things you shouldn’t buy until after the New Year. Here, I am going to give you a list for you to think about …


On December 26th, retailers start to transition holiday decorations and accessories to the clearance aisle. If you want to stock up on lights, garland, candles and any other Christmas accessories for the following year(s), wait until after Christmas to buy these items.

Once January rolls around, the price will start to drop even more and before you know it, the merchandise will become picked over, so it is a good idea to go in there a couple of days after Christmas so you do not miss out of the very best choices.

Exercise Equipment

For dieters, November and December can be the two worse months of their lives physically. When it comes to the New Year, thousands of people throughout the world will be adding “lose weight” and “eat healthy” to their resolutions.

What I am getting at is during these months, stores are banking on this, so the price for stationary bikes, elliptical and treadmills will be a bit more expensive. Keep your money in your wallet during these months and fight the urge to purchase exercise equipment.


Video Games

When you’re shopping for a gamer, during the month of December, you will come across some cool bundled packages that include the console and a couple of games at a reduced price. Like right now, you can find Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare combined with an Xbox One (that’s a nice bundle).

However, if you’re after a particular game, it’s best if you wait until after the holidays. Why? Because then, you will be able to find the game used as people swap out their old games for new ones.

Those are three items you should not purchase during the holiday season. Yes, we know, you want new decorations for NOW, but you should wait until they are all on sale. During the next holiday season you will be able to enjoy not only the beauty of these items but also how little money you were able to get them for.

What are your thoughts? Are you waiting to purchase something special when it goes in sale in the next few days? Share your thoughts below.



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