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What you should know about Kannaway? Organic Medicinal Hemp/Cannaboids....

This product has all the wonderful medical effects WITHOUT the TCP's (the stuff that gets you high) and is raised to specifications for superlative medical usage for purposes of healing, naturally, unlike some other toxic medications.

Marinol for Aides patients will become less frequently used as Kannaway becomes known in the marketplace because it is plant based (no pun intended) and is natural. They will not get High by smoking, but will gain weight and more. NOT just for these folks, but for anyone with serious illnesses. SOOO many more testimonies for everything else too!

CBD is not psychoactive and is legal for sale, Legal and can be used in all 50 states when it is a natural constituent of hemp oil (all hemp products have CBD in them)

Here's what ABC the news station in San Diego said about Hemp Oil being a treatment for Epilepsy & Cancer. It is an incredible and heart warming story of a little girl with epilepsy and how cancer reacts to Hemp Oil too:

Channel 10 News Report – ABC San Diego - 1/18/14

Several States across America legalizing Marijuana for Medical Purposes. With 60 million baby boomers alone, and all "the stoners" that our generation produced, the dispensaries are over-
flowing with customers and running out of some strains.

The GOOD news is that for the folks who REALLY are interested in Reclaiming their Health through alternative methods, they can use the products from Kannaway's  (a fun play on words, yah?) new products which are CULTIVATED from 100% Organic Hemp (Marijuana's same genus and 1st cousin) and especially breed so the THC (getting high) factor is eliminated. In fact they are breeding this important crop to have a real high level of CBD's which
are the properties that make it SO important for people with 2014 style diseases.

You know, they are the ones that we are seeing crop up (pun intended!) from eating foods laden with GMO's, Chemicals from Monsanto that are abundant in our farm lands, etc. They are called Acid Reflux, Colitis, Intestinal diseases, Asthma and they cause havoc with our OWN DNA!

Instead of using MORE toxic "medicines" that cause MORE inbalance in our bodies, Medical Hemp Oil, Vaporizers and their CBD's (again, WITHOUT the "getting high" factor) will become more Mainstream in the months and years to come.

Remember, CBD is not psychoactive and is legal for sale and use in all 50 states when it is a natural constituent of hemp oil (all hemp products have CBD in them & Kannaway has contracts with all the Organic Growers)

There is Medical Marijuana -- and then there is the Organic HEMP OIL and a Vaporizer which is "smoked" like an e-cigarette, and Oil to apply topically and ingest. People are finding all these ways to use Organic Hemp Oil Valuable in helping them achieve Wellness. What is Your Preference?

RS Mallory
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RS Mallory has 30 years of Full Time marketing Experience after a 25 year career as a teacher, spending years as an Advocate for Distributors, training, traveling and building teams.

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  • Thanks for sharing this excellent information regarding these organic remedies.  Natural is always better.  Liked and Shared.

  • Very interesting post, thank you for sharing.

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    You are doing a great thing RS Mallory by helping people to be healthy the natural way. It is from God as you know and what he makes is not bad for you, it is all good stuff.

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    Thanks Terri. My 40 years of Natural, Holistic experience with these types or remedies  has enabled me to share my Passion with other like minded people and those who would not know or understand how Natural Remedies are so powerful and what humanity called on all those years ago whether you believe in the Cavemen/women or Eden. The science and modern day technology allow us to share youtube documentation of the success of our Hemp Oil & the Vapo-rizer. I am so Gratified to represent products such as these. Thanks for your share.

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    Very well written RS Mallory and my preference is organic. Prescription medications are toxic to your body and hurts the body instead of helping it. Your Organic Hemp oil sounds like a great thing for the health and wellness of people who need it. Shared on Google plus so more people can know about Organic Hemp Oil.

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    Thanks Bruno for your comment. Kannaway is a division of a publicly traded 15 year old profitable company. They partner with and themselves have been instrumental in finding the Science behind Hemp Oil, Cannibinoids (both CBD and THC which is the better know substance in Marijuana that gets you "high"). Yes, the BUZZ is real along with much excitement to get this information out to main stream BECAUSE of all the successful Science and the ability for people to treat their ailments with another Natural Remedy (Hemp is spoken of in the Bible, like Gamut, Quinoy, Millett, etc), so NOT in "thin air".

    I can provide you with science; just ask.

    The payplan is a Unilevel plan rewarding people who wish to be distributors. It pays for customers too. I invite you to attend one of our nightly Google Hangouts, Times are  7PM Pacific, 9pm Central, 10PM Eastern
    Where :  The CODE is 6617480 should you have an interest in either the biz or the product(s).

    This link will provide the live Hangouts nightly AND the recording of the last one which went over the payplan near the end.

    If you've any questions, I invite you to reach out to me 512.843.3412. Leave your name and number and I will get back to you. One more thing,

  • Although I have been online looking for more info about the company, because I know what marijuana is, the effects, the extracts, where is legal, where is not legal. How it can help people, the consistency, the shape and the contents of "hemp" the company itself still hasnt presented their business model yet but has managed to create an alter fuzz and buzz out of thin air...or maybe from the smokes....but how it will work for its affiliates nor a compensation plan has yet presented...or has it?

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