What Tools Do You Use for Your Business?

I am sure you’ve heard that contrary to popular belief, that during the Gold Rush, the people who made the MOST money were selling mining tools.

And, I am sure you have heard that someone doesn’t buy a ¼” drill because he wants a ¼” drill.  He buys a ¼” drill because he needs a ¼” hole.

Where am I going with this?

Stiforp offers tools to promote and build your business.

Stiforp offers tools to take your business or several
businesses to the next level.

I know … I know … you already have tools that can do that.

But and this is a big BUT….what are you paying for those tools?

Stiforp can give you all the tools you need for less than 35 cents a day.  That’s less than $10/month for all this:

  • Email Marketing – load up to 500 email addresses each month FREE
  • Personalized Landing Pages with a Video spokesperson
  • Landing Page Setup – customize your landing page
  • Interactive Flash Movie Presentation
  • Lead Capture Pages to qualify your prospects
  • Auto Responders to keep your opportunity in front of Tour takers
  • Business Contact Management – keep track of Tour Takers
  • Traffic Rotator to help your team grow or build multiple businesses
  • Banner Marketing, Email templates, Classified Ad samples – a variety of ways to promote your business.
  • Conference Call Bridge – host a team call for up to 100 people

Isn’t that fantastic ?… imagine what these tools can do for your business.

And, that’s not all....

You can earn a very nice income just for telling other business owners how to use Stiforp systems and tools to grow their business.   Stiforp Tools

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Abundant Success and Blessings!


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  • Sounds very beneficial Sandy, thanks for sharing the information.

  • Thanks, Angela - the tools have really made things a lot easier for me - I am so technically challenged :) Have a blessed evening.

  • Thank for giving us this Review concerning Stiforp Sandy.  Sounds very beneficial.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thanks for commenting and sharing, Terri.

  • Top Member

    Very good post Sandy and thank you for sharing these tools for business. Liked and shared.

  • Hi Stephen, thanks for commenting.  If you would like to look around the site without signing up, go to http://stiforp.com.  Go to the bottom of the page where it asks for my user name.  Enter my user name which is sanblomstrom and just poke around the site to see the features. Let me know if you have questions. Blessings.

  • Interesting!  I was looking at this not long ago.

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