What Will I Get Out of Social Networks

Are You Using Social Networks


I am not sure how far you have gone doing social marketing in the social networks, but I have seen

many people achieving great results, including myself.

What Are Social Networks?


Social Networks

Social Networks


Using social networks is a way for one person to meet up with other people on the Net. That’s not all though. Some people use social networks for meeting new friends on the Net. Other’s use it to find old friends. Then there are those who use it to find people who have the same problems or interests they have, this is called niche networking.

What Other Social Networks Are Out There Besides Facebook and MySpace?

Social Networks

Social Networks


There may be as many as a thousand different social networks out there by now, and more starting every day. Many of them are just out there to help you meet up with new people and socialize. Some Social Networks are created to help you find old friends. Others are there to help you in some way, these would be the niche networks. There are even virtual social networks where you can see the avatar of the personal you’re chatting with.

What Will I Get Out of Social Networks?

Friendship, community, a sense of belonging. Help with a problem or information on a condition you may have. People who like the same things you like, or listen to the same music you listen to, or need the same thing you need. A place to add your photos, let people view your videos and listen to your favorite music. What more could you want? If your into marketing products and services online,social networks are a great way to get the word out about your products or service simply by connecting with people on social networks.

If your using social networks for business,by all means you should be tracking your activity on the social networks your on.


Google has confirmed again and again, they are tracking social signals.
They are going to put more emphasis into Social Signals in social networks and tweak their algorithm

to learn more about a site’s signal, because they know if a site is good, there is definitely

social engagement around it, and that means it should RANK HIGH!


I can’t seem to find you in Social sites. Are you sure you can find yourself too? Have

you been monitoring and tracking your social signals?


This is what I did to track and monitor my social signals automatically:

Download Social Metrics Pro to track your social signals.


It’s a great WordPress plugin, light-weight, powerful, fast, run in the background,

and it does the MOST IMPORTANT thing in SEO this 2012.


Track’em, then you can optimize them. Many people are starting to use this analytics.

Social Signals is a new metrics everyone is paying attention to right now on social networks!

Find out more about using social networks by clicking here


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