When was the last time you did something for the first time?

There was a man who invented the art of making fire.  He took his toolsand went to a tribe in the north, where it was very cold, bitterly cold.  He taught the people there to make fire.  The people were very interested.  He showed them the uses to which they could put fire—they could cook, could keep themselves warm, etc.  They were so grateful that they had learned the art of making fire.  But before they could express their gratitude to the man, he disappeared.  He wasn’t concerned with getting their recognition or gratitude; he was concerned about their well-being.  He went to another tribe, where he again began to show them the value of his invention.  People were interested there, too, a bit too interested for the peace of mind of their leaders, who began to notice that this man was drawing crowds and they were losing their popularity.  So they decided to do away with him.  They poisoned him, crucified him, put it any way you like.  But they were afraid now that the people might turn against them, so they were very wise, even wily.  Do you know what they did?  They had a portrait of the man made and mounted it on the main altar of the temple. 

The instruments for making fire were placed in front of the portrait, and the people were taught to revere the protrait and to pay reverence to the instruments of fire, which they dutifully did for centuries.  The veneration and the worship went on, but there was no fire.

"In many lands the Christians have literally stolen Christ from the people, thay have made the Son of Man the priest of an order; they have taken Christianity away from the city and imprisoned it behind altar rails, they have withdrawn it from national life and doled it out to the few who pay to keep the unconcious deception up.

Teachers have done, did and will do it again when the need arises - purer teachings of Christ get over grown with ceremonials and dead-letterism".   (Henry Drummond)

Rekindle the fire inside of you!

But how?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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  • Another excellent post Carla, thanks for sharing.

  • I like that too. God does not leave us uneqipped. He gives us the tools, we just need to pick them up and start using them
  • Always good to get out of our comfort zone.

  • Top Member

    Another point to add is that people can have the tools right in their face and if they don't know what to do with then and how to use them then it will not work.

  • Top Member

    Okay Carla thanks for that explanation. After reading it again, I can agree to what you said. You see it just took me to ask, and I got it. Thank you Carla and Mercutio for your post today.

  • I think it meant that we have let the fire go out and we need to rekindle it by stepping out on faith and doing something we never done. Perhaps we had a passion for something and the fire as died down, and it's time to rekindle the fire. People have taken Christ out of many things, well attempted to, but if He still lives within us then we can help many rekindle their passion for life and for Christ. He walks with us and works through us and wherever we go, He is with us. He needs to shine through us and not only be seen on a picture when we go to church. 

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    Shared your post on Facebook and tweeted Mercutio. I have to admit this, I didn't totally understand your post, and what was the point of it? Please elaborate further and explain. I just didn't get it.

  • I thank the SE team for a site that will help us rediscover the 'fire' of caring and sharing.

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