Where Do I Find Content For My Blog?

Where Do I Find Content For My Blog?



Blogging continues to be the best way to build your list. To be effective with your blogging, you need to blog daily. This can be a huge undertaking, especially when just entering the world of internet marketing. There is always the struggle of what to share on your blog. Here are a few recommendations for sources you can use to provide content for your blog.

You can visit other blogs in your niche to find content. If you find yourself with nothing to blog about, see what other bloggers are talking about. Visit other blogs to get inspiration and ideas.  If you like what you read and how it is written, share the post on your blog, but make sure to give credit to the original writer. Otherwise, rewrite the content, sharing your own thoughts and opinions about what you read.

Your day to day experiences provide more content for your blog than you think. Stop and take a look at what’s going on in the world around you. Perhaps you had an interesting conversation with someone that you can relate to your niche. Maybe you had someone give you an objection you never encountered, and you handled it terribly. Share those experiences. You will be surprised at how many people will be able to relate to you.

What have you been learning lately? Have you been reading a great book, or have you attended an awesome seminar? Write a blog post about it! You may make the assumption that because YOU know something, that everybody else probably knows it already. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The more you grow and expand your knowledge base, the more you will have to share. Someone will resonate with what you have to share!

You can write a ‘how to’ blog post. How-to’s are actually awesome traffic-getting posts. For example, you could write a blog post on how to fill out a profile on a social media site. You could mention some tips for making the profile stand out, and tell your readers the type of information to enter into their profile. The ‘how-to’ options are endless. You could write a how-to on how to use Google! Don’t worry about whether the task seems menial, write it anyway. Again, you don’t know who will read your content and receive tremendous help!

The news is a great source of blog content! If you see a news story related to your niche, share it! For example, if you’re a home-based business owner, and you see a story about additional tax benefits for home-based business owners, share it on your blog! This is the type of thing that really boosts your credibility, because you’re staying current with the trends! Mind you, you don’t need to comb the networks LOOKING for content. Just keep your eyes open for news stories.

What questions are being asked by your colleagues? Are they looking for marketing trends? Are they asking how to generate more leads? Look for the questions, and then write a blog post providing the answers. Don’t worry about knowing the answer; just be able to find it!  The more questions you answer, the more valuable you become!

Another great source for blog content is Private Label Rights – PLR. You can purchase great content from the MLM PLR Store where you have the rights to content written by someone else. You can use a service such as the MLM PLR Store to fill your content needs. This has been an industry secret for a REALLY long time, and is still an underused resource.

Blogging is a great way to gain a following and build a list, but it can be difficult. Use the sources above to produce an endless stream of content for your blog!

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  • Thank you Julie and thank you for that tip as well, will have to try that.

  • These are all good suggestions for finding blog content Merle.  I also sometimes go to google, select news and look for something to pop out at me.  It often works.  Most often a headline simply triggers a topic in my head.  I'll share this blog for more to enjoy.

  • Thank you Terri and Judy

  • Thank for sharing these great tips Merle.

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    Great tips on finding content for your blog. It can be a challenge at times. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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