Who Are The Best Prospects In The World?

Everyone is getting leads whether they are free or paid for !

So how do you get the most profitable prospects for your Busininess?


The following is something I learnt from the great man himself – Jonathan Budd –

You should be targeting the “low hanging fruit” – How?  You have probably been lied to in the past e.g.

  1. Your upline tells you to harass strangers
  2. They tell you to call Uncle Joe, Tom, Dick or Harry
  3. They tell you to buy the worst quality broke and often at times depressed leads for high prices
  4. They tell you to just keep doing it and if it doesn’t work ….. (this is the definition of insanity)
  5. Most people struggle endlessly to find ANY actual good leads for their business and NEVER break out of this terrible position in business.

Think about solving the problems.  They can be solved by not trying to do more of what doesn’t work.   So the answer :   Why not just recruit the people who are already interested in your company to begin with? There are already people out there researching your company.  Why not just try and recruit them?   Secret No. 1 – Company Targeted Prospects   It is consistent, reliable, fresh and easy.  In fact, as Jonathan says ‘it is like taking candy from a baby’ because these prospects are so good.  No matter what company you are in, it works for you and your team – you can duplicate in multiple companies   There is a tool you can use to search for who is searching for your company.  Just take a look at how many people type in your company’s name on a daily basis.  And this tool ishttp://www.wordpot.com - as an example below I searched for Pure Leverage and this was the result.

Toolbot for PL

  It is a keyword research tool.  There are 100’s and even 1,000’s looking at your company, looking for the right sponsor or team to join.  Or they may be looking for more info because they are actually interested.   This is just one of Johathan’s secrets.  I am not making any commissions on this but if you want to learn more about his others secrets then please visit and take a look at http://www.onlinemlmsecrets.com/mytraffic/  I am sure you will not be disappointed.   If you are looking for a great company to generate free leads for you then I can recommend below – why not take a look and see for yourself. Attraction Marketing System     P.S. – If you liked this post please share and comment ………. P.P.S  -  Do you have enough leads?  If your upline doesn’t have a step-by-step blueprint for success then check this out HERE (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads)

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  • Thank you Sandy
  • This is great information, Merle.  Thanks so much for sharing it.

  • My pleasure Timothy

  • Thanks for the tool Merle.

  • Thank you Terri and yes always handy to have a few options !

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    Great information Merle and thanks for sharing the keyword tool. I use Traffic Travis and WordTracker. It's great to have another tool for keyword research. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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