Most of us have worked in at least one network marketing company prior to joining our current business. Many of you work two or more businesses right now.  

Of those who have worked with network marketing companies in the past, many, possibly most ended up quitting and moving on to another business.  The majority of those likely quit because they were not successful.  I realize that there are exceptions.  A few may have left a company, because the company itself closed up shop.  But the fact remains that most people simply quit their positions with network marketing companies. 

Now, no one goes into a new business planning to be unsuccessful. In fact most are very eager and excited at first, and then the glow wears off when they realize they are not making money.  If any of you have left a company or are currently working with a business making little or no business, ask yourself, “How is it that people receive the same comp plan, market the same product using the same tools are doing well, but I am not?” 

If you have tried and failed with anything, not just a business, it is always easy to blame other people for your failure.  In reality, you have to start looking at yourself to find real success in anything.  You have chosen to fail by giving up. 

You can blame the company or their product, but the fact is only you are standing in the way of your success.  If you’re new and have the attitude that you’ll “just try it out,” I doubt you’ll stay on with the company.  Don’t allow friends or family lead you astray by telling you “home businesses” don’t work. The industry works. 

We must each take ownership of our businesses – and our lives.  Success is based on mindset.  If we blame others for our past failures, our minds are in the past with a negative mindset. 

Instead of dwelling on our past disappointments, acknowledge them, try to learn from them and then let them go!  If you cannot let go, you will simply repeat the same mistakes.  If you give your past significance, you cannot move forward. 

Now we have established that blaming others does not promote success.  What is going to give you success? 

  • We often talk about setting goals.  Goals, both huge ones and tiny ones, are an important part of your success.  If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? 
  • Always hold yourself accountable.  There are very few excuses that can truly prevent you from working and growing your business.  You and you alone are doing so. 
  • It is important to reward yourself along the way.  Celebrate small achievements. If you attain one of your smaller goals, brag about it!  Be proud of yourself and let others know so they can celebrate with you! 

Your failures in life and business are only as important as you make them.  Adjust your mindset.  KNOW that you can be successful, and get ready for a much brighter future.  And finally, NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO GIVE UP! 

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  • Excellent Julie, and yes we only have ourselves to blame. !!  Have shared for you.

  • Top Member

    Julie I really liked this one too. I'm going to post this one on the Syndication Express blog too. I believe that people need to see this information. Success is a state of mind, if you keep positive thoughts going to your subconscious mind then it will act on the thoughts you are putting in it and give it to you every time. Adjusting your mindset is key and never give up, as you pointed out in your post. I enjoyed reading your post because you nailed it dear.

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