Why I Joined Empower Network

Why I Joined Empower Network?

I constantly got pitched by all sorts of people online,the problem was I just could not see the difference in this blog and my own.

I got on my sponsors list and this guy has been marketing online for over 7 years his self.

He kept sending me email after email trying to encourage me to join Empower Network.

I kept thinking is it a scam?

Could I get tons of traffic using Empower Network as my blogging platform?

Can I use this system to make money with blogging?

This guy sent me 3 to 4 emails a day!

There had to be something to this for him to be trying so hard to get people on his list to join.

So I kept seeing all the extra bonuses he is offering me to join.

I finally gave in,after all I could not turn down all the extras I was going to get!

At this point I still have not checked out all the bonuses.

I’m here checking out the training here and of course making my first post here.

From what I can see,everything looks great!

Not having to worry about what plugins to install for best results.

Everything is all done for you!

Even the sales funnel!

What more could I want?

If your not with empower network,I suggest you do so 

Maybe we can help each other.

Use this system to promote your own business!

Get first page rankings with your blog on empower network!

Just blog daily and gain leads daily!

What better way than to get found for what people are searching for,instead of trying to push people into your business.

Pushing your business on people just does not work,I know,I’ve been marketing online for several years now and I believe this system is where I was meant to end up at.

Are you willing to take action like I have?

If your not with empower network click here for more info

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  • The great thing with empower is when you rejoin you gain the traffic back from your blog.

  • Thanks for sharing your reason for joining E N Timothy.  Much continued success to you.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thanks for sharing 'Why I Joined Empower Network'   I left Empower Network with having no success.   I might go back someday

  • I left Empower a few months back as having no success, but I missed it so re-activated my account and glad that I did.  Thanks for sharing.

  • I was skeptical for a long time Christopher,it just took some extras.Now I wish I had joined a year back,lol!

  • E.P. has been on my mind. I'm converting all efforts into online marketing. I'm hearing folks become success with E.P. I'll have to take a look ...Thank You

  • I am happy for you.  I wish you continue success. Thank you for sharing and I will share for you. 

  • Love what your doing is what its all about Judy

  • Thanks Terri,you give so much value by allowing folks to share and help one another reach their end goal.

  • Great post. Glad you are doing what you like.

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