Why I Joined The Neo Network?

The Neo Network is one of the Largest Opportunities To Become Successful Online!


I joined the Net Network because of the vision of Kris Darty and his beautiful wife Jessica. Two people making a difference in the lives of many.  They have a heart for the success of the masses.  I trust them, I believe in the Neo Network and my desire is also to help others succeed.

The Simple Formula for Creating Financial Freedom Here:

After joining many companies and not maintaining the success I desired, I was ready to give up and jump ship.  I was spending more money than I was making and this had been going on for a couple years.

I had guru’s lie to me and get rich off me and the many who were following them.  This seemed like an endless struggle.  I had been following Kris Darty’s accomplishments and watched his heart to see people succeed, not just himself.  So I decided to join the Neo Network with him because I knew I could trust him.  He is a godly man, something I could trust in.

The Neo Network is a group of marketers who help each other reach their goals and dreams collectively.  No one who is truly willing to work and has a heart for success will fail with this group.

In the Neo Network each person uses their gifts and talents to help build their business, create success for one another and have quality family time.  We’re changing the game for those who have struggled and never met any success to now creating success.


The Purpose:

1.  Create Group Momentum – Suggested in Network Marketing

2.  Huge Team Build – Using everyone’s gifts and talents

3.  Fast Profits for more people – make money and help others make money

4.  Perpetual Building – Continuous team building

5.  New Opportunities every 90 days – Multiple Opportunities (WakeUpNow)


If you have the heart as well as the willingness to succeed.  Come on board.

To Your Massive Success,

Angela Valadez
210 601 0267


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  • Great review of NEO Network, have shared for you.

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    Angela I have shared your post on Facebook and tweeted too. I wish you all the best with NEO network.

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