Will your State Pension be Enough?

Will your State Pension be Enough?

Will your State Pension be enough for you to live the Life Of Your Dreams?


Will Your State Pension Be Enough

Do you think “will your state pension will be enough” for you to live the life you have always wanted and dreamed about?  If you answer NO to this then isn’t it about time you thought about how you can earn that bit extra to supplement your pension so that you can have all the little extras in life.  I am sure there are many people out there like myself who are on State Pension that know that it does not go very far and for the younger generation it is going to get even harder.  With so many people out of work (some by choice ! who just don’t want to work) and others that have been trying so hard for months, sometimes years to find a suitable job with a decent salary but just cannot seem to find one.

By the time the younger generation reach pension age it is quite likely that there will not be a state pension any more and if they are not in work and not paying into a pension scheme then what are they going to do?  Therefore a lot of people nowadays are turning to internet marketing as they know if they get in with the right company and get the right training and support then they can build to that residual income which is going to give them a better quality of life.  I know there are a lot of sceptical people out there (I was one of them a few years ago) but as I said – The Right Company – The Right Training and The Right Support there is no reason why you cannot work and build to achieve that extra income.  I know there are a lot of people who would prefer to have a steady job and know that they are getting that monthly wage coming in.  But why not do both?

When I was younger I was working three different jobs a day just to make ends meet and I know there are also others out there doing the same.  If I had known about these opportunities when I was younger I know I would have done this years ago.  But at least I know I am going to achieve my goals and live comfortably in my retirement.

Below is a video recorded by a great mentor and leader Gavin Mountford.  Please take a few minutes to listen to what he has to say :


State Pension

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  • Thank you Terri and yes so sad.  I also know of people like that in the UK 

  • Top Member

    It's sad but true Merle, the generation coming out now are not looking for jobs. Some choose not to work and will not have a state pension to look forward too. They are going to be in jail, homeless and begging for food. Many will probably resort to stealing to live and eat. This is happening right now for some people. I know a young man that is living with his mother and he has no job and hasn't worked for several years. He don't seem to care about working or finding a job to help his mother to pay the bills and she is taking care of him too. So sad and I feel so bad for her because she loves her son so much she is crippling him and he will be homeless the day she closes her eyes for good. State pension is not enough Merle and yes it is very serious for a lot of people because it is a fixed amount of money as the cost of living increases all the time. It makes it hard for people to live on and enjoy life. Some become depressed and commit suicide, this is something that God doesn't want a person to do. 

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