Achieving The Win Win

 Win Win is just about making a decision to Win.

Win Win


It is necessary that you do more than just ask and wish for what you want.

A reliable compass is necessary to guide your path.

As children we learn to ask questions.  Knowing what you actually want will be the difference in receiving and continued want.

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So the first step is learning yourself. Knowing what you really want and why you want it.

The second step is having a Winning, Gracious Attitude towards becoming a Winner, along with a desire to help others get their Win Win on as well.

Understanding “what” you want along with the reasons “why” you want it can give you some valuable insight to the thought process which is necessary to achieve the wanted desires.

Asking for riches without knowing what it is that you actually want riches for, will get you no where.  You must be specific in those wants.

Asking for riches may not bring you the happiness and satisfaction you anticipated.

Whereas, asking for riches with the thought of money and the “why” of why you want this money can help you understand what your real desire is and will be instrumental in bringing it into fruition.

If you want money to provide security for your family say so.  Money for family security is different from wanting money because you really only desire the “power” money buys.

These two goals are different so you must be specific as to your Why.  Asking for one doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get the other, nor does it mean you will receive either, especially if you are not specific in your wants and desires.

Realize that Need is different from Greed.  The Universe may be more willing to give to the need and not even acknowledge the greed.

Win Win


Perseverance is required to get to the win win.

Along this journey you will inevitably face failure, betrayal, as well as the temptation to quit and give up and just settle for a lifeless dreary existence full of compromise.  At times like these it is imperative to remember your “Why.”

Everything that you are right now is a result of the decisions you have made or the results of decisions that were made for you.  Take charge of your life, decide to become a winner with a desire to be the benefactor of other winners as well.

It is your “Why” which will take you to your Win Win.  Make sure your Why is strong enough to keep you going.

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To Your Massive Success,

Angela Valadez


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  • Excellent post Angela and so many people think $$$$$ before thinking about their WHY first.

  • Thanks for your excellent feedback Terri and Peter.  Have a great evening.

  • Great article Angela Keep up the good work.

  • Top Member

    Your why is about YOU only, and not about money at all. It will keep going even when things go south, and when you find it you will cry about it. That's when you will know it. This means you will never quit ever because your passion will come out and your desire will be so strong that nothing will ever stumble or block you from keeping your dream alive. Shared your post Angela. Have a great evening.

  • Excellent feedback Simon.  Everything's easier in Theory than Practice.  Thanks.

  • A good article to read and know of.Often times in life we take things for granted when we have our instinct like forget to react in a right way to face problems etc.Easy to know in theory but hard to apply practically.Thanks for sharing.


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