Working For A Living

I am reading the book - "The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Life" and she is talking about the phrase "working for a living". 

Is this a statement that you use? 

How do you "feel" right after making that statement?

Do you get excited about the opportunity to wake up and go to your place of employment or your own business?

Note: Self employed or owning a business doesn't mean you don't have a job. It just means you have employed yourself if you are not having fun. Remember a job is "anytime you are doing something and you would rather be doing something else" - Tom Hopkins

Well what Lynne Twist (author) mentioned was Vicki Robin, in Your Money or Your Life, how she writes about people who, instead of making a living at their work, more accurately "making a dying" or, in some cases, making a killing.

Folks you need to look at your life. If you are doing things you don't want to do, you are actually killing yourself (mentally and physically). You are not being who you were created to be. 

Stop for a moment, breath. Go inside of "You" and then listen. Your path will be given to you. 

Then step out and follow the "Yellow Brick Road" (wisdom) which leads to "all your talents and gifts that are already built in you". 

Stop cheating yourself and the world and cut loose. We will all benefit. 

It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's my opinion

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Ron Simplified Myers

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  • Thanks Sandy. Cutting loose sounds like an incredible party, doesn't it? lol Your efforts are always appreciated

  • I love this,"Stop cheating yourself and the world and cut loose."  Thanks, once again, Ron.  Great post. 

  • I appreciate it Merle. So far it is an awesome read. I am on the part about "sufficiency", so you know a blog is coming lol Enjoy

  • Great post Ron and it sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Aya Pacoraban for taking the time to read and respond. It is definitely appreciated.

  • Thanks to the both of you Ladies - Terri Pattio and Angela Valadez for your continued support. You make me feel even more special and inspire me to continue to have fun on my journey called life and more importantly to want to share :) 

  • Thanks for sharing this excellent wisdom with us Ron.  We should take the time to be silent daily and go inside and listen.  In the end we may actually be more creative.  Great tip.  Liked and Shared.

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    Sounds like a great book Ron and the information you shared is priceless. I know you are going to be sharing more from the book. I can't wait to see your next post. Thanks for posting your blog in the community. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus. I have posted on the Syndication Express blog so more can read this valuable information.

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