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The Daily Meditation 10.30.2013

World Of Continual Change

 Katie Levi, Practitioner I Student

With the changing of the seasons so apparent around us, I thought that a treatment embracing change might be timely.  Ernest Holmes writes “We are living in a world of continual change, a world in which thought, thing, and experience are all in a constant state of flux. It is the very nature of the universe that there should be continual change and variation. It is a living world; the creation of a living creative Intelligence, not a static world created by a God now dead or departed who has left it to decay. No. It is vital and alive. The Mind that created it is not apart from it, but is always active in and through it.”

There is One Source and that Source is God.  God is the beauty of the landscape around us.  God is the changing color of the leaves on a crisp, fall day.  God is the clean, cool air we breathe in and the warm, soft air we breathe out.  God orchestrates 0605change in the seasons just as God orchestrates change in our lives; all with purpose, all with intention.  God is Beauty.  God is Change.  God is Vital.  God is Alive.

I am one with the Infinite Source called God, for it is impossible for me to be separate.  I embrace all of God’s beauty as my own.  I am Beauty.  I am Change.  I am Vital.  I am Alive.

I recognize that just as the change of seasons occurs so naturally to the backdrop around us, changes in my life appear subtly in alignment.   I embrace these changes and understand clearly thatthey are in divine order.  I accept any and all opportunities that come my way, for I know Spirit provides me with exactly what I need to fulfill a happy, prosperous, peaceful and loving experience.  Knowing that change is necessary, I choose to associate all change as success and true perfection.  

I give thanks for the colorful scenery that occurs so naturally around us.  I am grateful for the elusive reminder that everything is in a constant state of flux.  I appreciate all the beautiful beings in my life that support me, bring me laughter and know just what to say when I am unclear as to the changes before me.

Finally, I release these words into the Law knowing that what is written here is Truth and therefore will return exactly as spoken.  

And so it is!

Katie Levi is a Practitioner I Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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