I have been ill with flu (from my flu jab) for the last few weeks and just getting back into things again.  Plus having to start over with my websites !!  So I have done my first AGAIN post !!

Worried About People Unsubscribing From Your Email List? ……. DON’T !!

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We all want to grow a big email list as we need this to get our business off to a good start but are you worried about people unsubscribing?

You shouldn’t worry about people unsubscribing you should be happy.

There are many autoresponder companies out there although myself I use Aweber as I find that easy to get on with ……

People will jump onto your list either from your emails, capture pages, solo ads, free ads, video advertising and blogging.

We are all trying to put out great content with useful information that is going to help people when they read your posts.  You want to try and please the people that are returning to your website so you keep giving out useful information.   It needs to be appealing to make sure these visitors return.

Are you writing with perhaps just one subscriber in your mind? Perhaps you are treading cautiously because you are worrying about losing this subscriber.

You might then find someone who is a returning visitor over and over again who might be interested in something totally different to what you have to offer so you then try to cover information for that person.  By now you know that this person is not going to join you or buy any of your products.

This is when you have to make it clear that you are passionate about your business and trying to teach other people how to sell, market their products, get customers in order to get paid.  Therefore you need to make it obvious that you are running a business and that you are going to have services and products to offer people.

This person is just being one of your fans but you know that they are not going to join you or buy any of your products.  So it should be a relief to you if they unsubscribe from your list.  It is far better to have one or two hundred subscribers that you know are going to open your emails, read your posts and find them interesting, rather than having a list of a few thousand that you know are just going to delete your emails or not even bother to read your blog posts. Quality is far better than quantity !

So next time you get a notification that someone has unsubscribed just remember they were never going to be one of your future customers.  Now you can concentrate on your faithful leads that are sticking with you and reading what you have to offer.

By using an autoresponder they are able to just unsubscribe automatically rather than them emailing you and asking you to take them off of your list.  I myself have often had to email someone and ask them to take me off of their list, then it doesn’t always happen and you receive more emails from that same person.  On the plus side it is much more professional.

If you make it easy for someone to unsubscribe you know that you are going to only have people on your list who want to hear from you and quite possibly join you one day.

So if you are worried about having unsubscribers ………Then don’t worry be happy !!!

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