XTAB Review

Today I am going to introduce you to a super powerful tool that will take your Facebook Page and your brand to the next level. It is called XTAB Apps.

XTAB Is One Viral Tool that Does Everything. Literally!



XTAB Apps is a comprehensive suite of smart Facebook apps that will boost your Facebook presence you heaps and bounds. It does not require you to use WordPress. You need not even buy an SSL certificate or even host a website of your own. If you are an offline business, you can start using XTAB without even having to have a website for your organization. XTAB is a cutting-edge cloud based application you can use to amplify your Facebook marketing.

Using XTAB Pages, you can easily build a Facebook Page with custom content. Different gates are built-in and you can implement them in few clicks. Group-buying deals are all the rage since Groupon made it popular. With XTAB Deals app you can setup group-buying deals that will unlock upon reaching certain number of likes. You can lock and unlock the exclusive content based on different conditions. For example, when 500 likes are achieved, the deal gets unlocked. Imagine how this will help your Facebook page go viral!


Use the XTAB Contests App


Use the XTAB Contests App to run entries and contests. Entries with the most likes win. You might have seen big brands run contests to drive traffic to their Facebook pages. You can use this app and do the same.

Dont forget our Social Metrics Pro to track and monitor your Social Signals.

XTAB Docs allows users to download your digital content after they like the page. XTABProducts can help you set up a complete e-commerce store right inside Facebook. Sell whatever you want, right from within Facebook. Powerful! Isn’t it?
You can even build email lists using XTAB Lists app. In a click, people can get on your list without even having to fill up their name and email. Best part is that a message is posted on their Facebook news feed so their friends could opt-in too. A powerful way of building your lists virally!
This is indeed a one stop solution to all your brand building and marketing efforts on Facebook. I highly recommend using XTAB Apps.

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