You Are My Loving Source

The Daily Meditation 07.30.2013

You Are My Loving Source

Michelle Snider, Practitioner II Student


Beautiful One, Creator of All that is, was and ever will be. Maker who called me by name and brought me into life. God who is All Love and Source of Abundance. I am your beloved who You called to be. I am one with you, created out of your Divine Essence.

You are my Loving Source.

I have been in the desert, parched and withering, knowing only lack. I have cried out in despair. I had forgotten who I truly am. In this place of seeming lack I asked for life, for the rains to come, for a washing away of pain. I came to know in this place of solitude that God is always with me, always held me. I now choose to feel and embrace the rains. I no longer seek, I now know that life is abundantly mine to accept as I am able. The life giving rain is washing away my unbelief, my focus on lack.

The time in the desert opened my eyes and heart to accept this abundance of Your Ever Present Love. I know that I am, I was, and I ever will be one with You. It does not matter where I am or what I am doing, You are always acting in, around and through me. I release the pain I have clung to and to the degree I can accept it, I am filled with Your Presence. Even in the desert I could hear Your Voice. I hear Your call and I answer with a willing heart. You always say yes to what I ask for, even when I seem to stray form the path, You always say yes, and hold me in Love. Thank You my Creator, You said yes to my time in the desert. I feel restored and I know that You are always with me. Thank You.

I know that this experience is not mine alone. All People are of the One Mind, and all accept Gods Love as they are able. Experiencing the desert is a path that some may choose, and I affirm that the healing rains always come to all who ask and are willing to receive. May all receive Gods Love abundantly. Again I say Thank You. It is with joy and gratitude that I embrace this time of my life. With a light and delighted heart I release my word of thankfulness into the Law, knowing that my word never comes back to me unanswered.

And so it is.

Michelle Snider is a Practitioner II student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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