You Can Now Pin Your Articles on Pinterest

Just wanted to share this information from you from an email I received from Ezine Articles by Penny, Managing Editor

Exciting Update! You Can Now Pin Your Articles on Pinterest More Easily Than Ever Before

You and your readers may have noticed a new addition to the social media sharing section of your articles: A brand new share this article on Pinterest button!

When one of Pinterest’s 70-million+ users selects this button, a fresh image that’s unique to the top-level category of your niche is shared with their followers and the entire Pinterest social sphere at large. To see the variety of fresh images assigned to the 30 top-level EzineArticles categories, check out our Browse Board on Pinterest.

Why Did We Make This Update?

First and foremost, whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, we want your articles to soar. On Pinterest, users do judge a book by its cover (the pinned image) and this presents a challenge for Expert Authors whose articles are text based.

The share this article on Pinterest button helps your articles become more pin and repin worthy. The new image helps your “cover” become more appealing by achieving the following:

  • The size of the image takes up more real estate on Pinterest than most Expert Author photos and Category images that were previously shared so your pin is more easily seen.
  • The image is more relatable and engaging than the static EzineArticles’ category image.
  • You save time and money from having to create or purchase your own images to manually upload.
  • It increases the likelihood of sharing because the image is more visually stimulating than most author photos (it was reported that brand images without faces receive 23% more repins than images with faces).

Please note, these great benefits do not apply to the Pin on Pinterest button for browsers.

In the first week since we first launched this button, we’ve seen an increase of +97.69% Pins (based on the daily average of pins from and an increase of +165.48% Pinners (based on the daily average number of people who pinned from These numbers continue to climb.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a web-based “pinboard” that allows its users to browse and share interesting information via images and video. You can use Pinterest as a point-of-entry for your current audience and new users by pinning your articles published on to build trust and increase your exposure.

It’s important to remember that Pinterest is only 3 years old. Compared to Facebook, the current social media traffic referral leader that has 13 years on Pinterest, there’s a lot of opportunity for growth in the growing Pinterest audience. According to, Pinterest has reportedly referred more traffic per user than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined.

This update will only help you as far as catching the attention of the user on Pinterest. It’s up to you to maintain their attention once they have clicked-through to your link by providing quality, original content that’s transparent, informative, and valuable to the user.

So what are you waiting for? Let your audience know they can start pinning their favorite author’s articles on Pinterest today!

Posted by Penny, Managing Editor on November 20, 2013 at 9:00 am | 99 views


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