Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude

Good Morning! I hope that everyone is have a great day so far. Today I want to talk about attitude. It is extremely important in your personal and business life. Growing up my aunt would say 'your attitude determines your altitude.' This is something that has stuck with me throughout life and I have passed this knowledge on to my daughter.


I think the phrase is self-explanatory. Your attitude in life has a great impact on how far you go in life. I have a teenager and we all know they can be 'attitude central!' I explained this one scenario to her: Let's say there's a position available in the company and the hiring manager has a choice between two people. One person has all of the credentials for the job, and has been doing a great job, but no one really wants to deal with that person unless they have a question or need something and even then they will try to find someone else to help them. This person knows their job very well but their attitude is not the greatest. Every time someone asks them a question, they respond with a short tone, people feel like they are always bothering this person and this person speaks to them in a tone that makes them feel like 'you should know this.' They know it all and then some and don't feel like you can teach them anything. Then you have the second candidate: This person has most of the requirements for the job, they perform their job duties well with the knowledge they have. They are always willing to help and have a teachable spirit, they want to learn more so they can be more of an asset to the company. They are easy to talk to, their tone is pleasant and if they are upset, you really wouldn't know it. People don't mind coming to them for help, they are easy to talk to and get along with. Who do you think would get the promotion?


When you project a positive attitude it will show in your tone of voice, in your body language and in your countenance. People don't mind helping you achieve your positive goals in life when you are willing to listen and learn. I have always tried to show myself to be a friendly person, because that is my character. I smile often and laugh a lot and try to share my smiles and laughter everywhere I go. When I got laid off my job, I was able to say good-bye to some of my coworkers. Their faces immediately dropped in disappointment. I found out a lot of people were very upset when they found out I was laid off. I considered this to be a blessing that I was able to have a positive impact on so many people. It was great that people hated to see me go versus people being glad I was gone. The manager told me if I needed anything, or saw any other positions available, I could always call.


Your Attitude will Determine Your Altitude



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  • Thank you so much for your words of kindness. It means alot.

  • Loved your blog. I grew up with have an attitude of gratitude. Even when you think your unfairly treated. Meaning for me do the job first then complain.
  • Thanks Christine! I emphasize that to my daughter all the time. She is a teen and we know they can be 'attitude central'

  • Great post Carla! Very good tip your aunt gave you. We can all learn a valuable  lesson from your post. liked and shared.

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