T. Harv Eker speaks about the "Process of Manifestation" in his book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Thoughts lead to feelings.
Feelings lead to actions
Actions lead to results

He added a "P" in the front of the process


So the formula looks like P-T-F-A=R

My take on the formula is you have been programmed to think the way you see the world today (parents, teachers, mentors, television, radio, music and the list goes on). Programming is the reason that advertisers are willing to pay so much money for ads to be placed in front of you and I (through different medias).

When a person really gets it (that they are programmed), they can stop saying phrases like, "Keeping it real", "That is the way it is", "This is the way we have always done it", "No one in my family has ever been successful", "Everyone in my family is big boned", "That disease is hereditary (I know I will get some feedback on that one)"....

Those phrases place limits on an individual. They believe what they see is real. Once a person understands that everything we see today was someones vision yesterday; the faster they can reprogram themselves. Tomorrow will look the way you envision it today. So take control of the remote (push, play, record buttons), whatever way your computer is set up and start recording only things that will empower you to accomplish what you really want in your life.

It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's just my opinion.

Your Uplifting Partner
Ron "Simplified" Myers

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  • Today is the product of yesterdays. See in your mind what is to be as though it is. Believe it is true, for it is real. Nothing will happen if nothing is done.

  • How are you Ann? You know I am always honored and appreciative of your time and energy. Enjoy

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