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A LOOK At The Early Results



Hi ALL!  I am George Pierce, this post is about applying my Faceless Video strategy to a Classic Movie Channel.

The channel is still an experiment, it is being treated as a side hustle, I have only been uploading only when

I can, which is NOT regularly.  Shame on me! 

But this post is not about me, it is about these initial results that you see above.


Before we continue, although I have 20+ years of experience, I still am a newbie when it comes to growing a YT channel.

What I will be sharing is based on my limited YT channel-growing knowledge, experience, and opinion.  

What seems to me to stand out, is the watch time.  Watch time is one of the most powerful drivers on YT!


In fact, or so I understand, many channels would give almost anything to have that much watch time in 28 days.  One of the requirements to get your channel monetized is that it takes 4K hours of watch time in a year or less, so this new channel has already hit the mark.  This accomplishment is a pleasant surprise.  

How this watch time helps your channel is that watch time is one of the most important indicators that YT uses in their algorithm...when your videos get more watch time it sends a signal that people like your content.  When this happens, YT is very likely to share your content with more people, so you get more views and more exposure.  This little circle can ultimately make one or more of your videos go viral.

If you are following my Faceless Video Training, or considering it, my point is that a movie channel seems to have real potential. 

Allow me to add that I am also experimenting with a new Game Show Channel,  I will share more about that soon.

*****Video Removed by the moderator*****

This is a most delightful early Disney film that is on my initial channel.


Another area that my research shows promising is a Kids Channel. I have not tested it yet. 

Ultimately, I believe that my best advice is to create a channel based on what your viewers want, but also what you want.  Do not ignore your research, do not publish videos that you prefer, but find a niche that YOU are going to be happy with.  Although my Faceless Video strategy is free, it still takes your time and effort, and you do not want to invest your time and effort into a cause that you are not thrilled with.  Why?  You will probably quit.  

FYI:  My primary source for vintage media is Internet Archive.  There are presently 987 Public Domain Movies and almost 11M total public domain moving image videos on Internet Archive alone.  In addition, there are dozens of other sites that can help provide free legal content.

There is more to my strategy than downloading and uploading already made videos, you will find YT littered with thousands of sites that have used this strategy and failed, because there are two more steps that you want to take, need to take.  My adaptation is a way to make money on YT using videos that are already made and is based on vintage media, vintage is most abundant, and I LOVE vintage media.  I have added a simple research step (step one) and another step to help get more immediate exposure (step three).  In my Faceless Video Training, each step is laid out for you in detail.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce


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    Nice job and continued success. Fantastic results, because I knew it would be positive. Keep me updated. 

This reply was deleted.

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