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At Least Once A Day!


Hi All,

I am George Pierce.  When I began Internet Marketing, which was about 20 years ago, creating and posting content once a week was about what it took to be successful online.  Today, I would say that once a day is more realistic.  I believe that once a week may still work, but, if you want noticeable growth, I suggest that you consider posting at least once a day.  

You need to be 'present' in order to create an online presence.  On YouTube, for example, a video a day is just about going to guarantee your channel growth at a faster rate.  

Creating at least a post a day or a video a day is easier than it used to be, due to more tools and AI, but it still takes effort and persistence.

If you think that Internet Marketing is going to pay you huge amounts of money, you are right...BUT...if you also think that you can make this happen with little to no effort, you are wrong. 

What is worse, is that as long as you continue to believe that Internet marketing requires little to no effort, you are going to be the target of many unscrupulous marketers.  In other words, it can turn out to be a costly mistake.


The good news is that persistence and effort still pay off.  Above is a snapshot of one of my YT channels.

It is about 8 weeks old.  I am working about 9 hours a week on this channel, which enables me to upload 2 to 3 videos per day.

5000 views is not a lot of views (as you see above), but it is a lot of views for a brand-new channel that is starting from zero.

There is a process that I use that helps to insure views, but posting at least once a day is a key ingredient to this kind of success.

Thanks for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  For free training, visit my Internet marketer training channel:

PPS.  All the traffic, and all the views, are free.  My training focuses on FREE.  

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    Congrats on your achievement George Pierce However people should know that views are how many times Youtube is showing your videos to people on their site. What really counts are comments, likes and shares because it tells the search engine you'll getting noticed and they will index and rank your videos based on the social signals that your videos are receiving. This is the kind of free organix traffic you're receive. Keep in mind Google owns Youtube and of course they will go to their site to find videos for people that use their search engine. As you stated many times in previous posts, your focus is doing keyword research consistently. 

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      Paid advertising was not working, but I discovered the Bum Marketing method over 15 years ago.  It is the core of my marketing, it combines content and SEO which makes readers, viewers, and search engines happy.  What is nice is that a snowball effect is in the making.  Thank you, Terri. 

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      Yes I heard about the Bum Marketing method and glad to hear it works. It will help does that have a low or no budget for advertising especially when you're starting your new business online.

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