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Coming Soon Free Generic Intro and Outro


Hi All!  I am George Pierce, this is a quick post about a free generic intro and outro for your faceless video channel. One of the problems that many newbies are facing when using my adaptation of the faceless video process, is that creating an intro and an outro seems to be beyond their skill level.  It is not, but what is happening is that many newbies are not creating an intro and outro and, therefore are not sandwiching their videos between the two.  Although an intro and outro are optional, they are going to benefiit your new channel with branding, trust, likes, comments, and subscribers.  All of these benefits are helpful to your channel, especially when it is new.  

The best part is that once your intro and outro are created, saved, and exported or downloaded, you can use them over and over again.  

Above is a snapshot of my video editor, which I use for creating intros, outros, videos, etc., but it is a paid editor, and my Faceless Video Strategy is built around free.  

So here is what I am doing to help you. 


Here is what is coming soon.

I will be creating six free generic clips that you can use as your own... 2 intros, 2 outros, 2 like and subscribe.  In addition, you will have access to free training using free software, with the best life-like audio on the net, so that you will be able to create your own.  The advantage is that you can customize to fit your needs.


Above is a snapshot of the dashboard of the free online software that I used, below is one of the generic clips that you will be able to download. View the clip and you will see that it can be used for any channel.  

All of the steps that you need to take, to do this yourself, are already recorded for your training and in line for publishing.  

The video above is unlisted, which means that you will not find it on any of my channels, however, it is one of six Creative Commons video clips that you will be able to download and use as your own.

Between The Two Of US!  

Success can be accelerated, often by a combination of little things that others are not doing.  I want you to succeed, and I know that if your success is SLLLOOOWW, you may quit.  Quit is the worst four letter word on the planet, and it is the only way you can fail, so allow me to help you to employ these small details into your Faceless Video journey.

What is a Faceless Video Strategy?

It is a way to make money on YouTube without making videos or getting in front of a camera or doing a voice over or spending any money.  No skills are needed, anyone can do this, and you can start right away.  I am personally using my adaptation of the process (now on 3 channels) and I invite you to watch my Faceless Video Training.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce



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    I have created 4 of the six videos, I have one surprise bonus, an MP3 intro, 2 more videos to create, and the training has all the audio and about half the video.  Thank you, Terri, you do so much to help others, I appreciate it.  

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    How generous of you George Pierce Paying it forward and giving back by helping people to succeed and learn from you. 

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