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Hello Everyone!  I am George Pierce, I have about 20 years of online marketing experience.  This post is about focus.  Certainly, we need to maintain our focus as aspiring online marketers.  Most of us, however, myself included, are often focusing on the WRONG things.  We do not make this mistake on purpose, it is so easy to make.  

For example, common mistakes are that we focus on making money, more visitors, more viewers, more subscribers, more donations, more enrollees, etc. These are worthy goals that deserve our attention, but our focus needs to go deeper.  

Going deeper means being more specific. 


A beautiful thing about our mind is that it is programmed (literally hard-wired) to deliver whatever it is that we want.  And focus is one of the ways that we can help to make that happen.  Accidentally focusing on the wrong things is one of the flaws that we face.  We often compound our mistakes by not being specific. 

You may have heard of the law of attraction.  This law works, in fact, it has been scientifically proven to work for almost 100 years!  (Psycho-cybernetics)

Above, you will notice a snapshot from my most recent online adventure, which is a way to make money on YouTube without ever making a video.  I will talk more about that later. 


When my new channel hit 100 subscribers about 18 days ago, I mentioned on Syndication Express,  that I wanted to put more focus on getting subscribers...and then went on to share some of the ways that I wanted to try that should help make this happen.  

My goal was and is to get more subs, but my brain and your brain do not know how to make that happen. 

You might be thinking that I need to be more specific and you are right.  I need to be specific about how many subscribers and when: 1000 by year-end.  And here is part I want you to grab hold of...does that goal relate to something that our brain can manifest?...

NO!  The answer is NO!!!

Our brain needs details, our brain needs instructions, and our brains need specifics.  This is NOT your fault!  Most online sources of help provide us with WHAT we need to do, and we pass that on to our brains.  And not much happens.  Because we do not provide the HOW.  Even worse, many newbies know what they want to accomplish, but not how to accomplish it.  

Whatever your marketing endeavors are, you will need to figure or find out HOW you are going to make that happen, and remember to go deep, so that your brain will have the specifics that it needs and so that you will have the specifics that you need to FOCUS on.  

In the example above, one of the specific strategies that I am using is 'collections'...such as a music collection, ads collection, and so on.  Collections are popular, so they attract more viewers and collections get more watch time. More watch is a huge feather in my cap because this is an indicator to YT that people like my videos, the result is that YT is likely to share my videos with more people...FYI, this has viral potential.  Notice that watch time has jumped over 200 hours in 18 days.

Give Your Brain A Chance To Make You Rich!

You and your brain will need the HOW as well as the WHAT along with all the necessary details.  This will enable you to FOCUS on the specifics and will allow your brain to manifest results.  Your brain will amaze you so let it know specifically what you want, so it can get to work.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. About making money on YouTube. Allow me to invite you to look over my shoulder as I share step by step how I am using a Faceless Video strategy, steps that you can follow.  There are no skills needed and there is zero cost.  Click here to see my simple three-step process.

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