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FREE Poker Tournament ~ No Strings

Hi All!  The following is a copy of an email that I received today from Advanced Poker Training.  Poker is something that I enjoy.   Advanced Poker Training is a free poker training site and about once every couple of months, they run a free tournament called Madness Cup.  I do not recommend playing poker online for money, the hands are pre-selected, and although there are several million, the hands favor a 'house wins' scenario.  The Madness Cup tournaments are 100% free, I have had the pleasure of winning and was promptly paid, so the tournaments are legit.  Even though online poker favors the house, the way the Madness Cups are set up is that in each round, all the contestants play the same hundred hands, making it fair to all.  To the best of my knowledge, you will have to join the site in order to compete.  Membership is free and allows you to play a practice tournament daily and, of course, to register for the Madness Cup. The following is the email which includes more details.   


Madness Cup #44 will start Saturday, June 1st at 6PM Eastern. 

Play against APT Founder Steve Blay and APT Head Pro Alex Fitzgerald!

Click here to sign up.

The following cash prizes will be awarded to the winners!

1st Place:  $50
2nd Place: $30
3rd Place: $20
4th Place: $20

If you've never tried the Madness Cup, come see why it's the most popular feature ever on APT!  You and your (human) opponents play the exact same hands against the exact same bots, so skill alone can save you!  You can read more in the Madness Cup rules.

Remember, this is a skill contest and there is no purchase necessary to participate.  Be sure to read the official prize rules as well.

Click here to sign up. The first round will start on Saturday, June 1st at 6PM Eastern. You must be registered before that time, but you don't need to be online right at 6PM -- you'll have 24 hours to play your hands before the second round starts.

See you at MADNESS CUP #44!

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Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. About my claim "The House Wins".  I am not going to get too technical, and the number of hands sample that I used, was only 125K hands. A house wins scenario, is one where too many players have winning hands too often.  It keeps everyone in the pot, of which the house gets a cut.  The more money in the pot, the more that the house wins.  For example in real life, a one-suited flop occurs once in just under 20 hands, and online, about once in 11 hands. I am not a poker guru or expert, but when I went on permanent vacation, live poker was my source of income for a couple of years. 

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    I'm a poker player too. Thanks for sharing this. I'll check it out because you shared it here. 

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