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How About This As A Way To Make Money Online?


Hi All!  I am George Pierce.  This post is about an opportunity to make money online by way of YouTube.  Recently, I discovered what I am about to share.  I am probably several months away from doing what you are about to see because of all that I already have going on.    Most of what I share about making money online has already been tried and tested by me, so you are getting first-hand information,  This post is a bit different because I am suggesting something that I have not yet done.  What I am suggesting is a Music Channel on YouTube.  Possibly focused on 60s music.  I am not sure if that is too depends on supply and copyright issues and demand and competition. I have not done any research yet, it appears that demand is high and competition is low.  

  The following snapshot is why I am giving you a heads-up.


FYI, 60 music is intentional, rather than '60s music, SHH, it's a little SEO trick just between us.  The important thing to notice above is that there are over a half million searches on YT alone per month!   

It is easy and free to create a YT channel, and you can get free music that you can legally upload to YT from public domain sites such as the Internet Archive and The Library Of Congress.  This kind of strategy is called Faceless Videos, which is because you can create a YT channel but you do not have to be on camera.  I am using this strategy myself, and have put together a Facelless VideoTraining video, which is my adaptation.  The training is laid out in three easy steps that anyone can follow.  There is no cost for the training, for your resources, or your tools.  You will find free tools in the video.

For single songs, about all that is needed is to download and upload. along with steps one and three in the video.  To create compilations, you can use free video editors, such as Clip Champ which is an online editor, or OpenShot a downloadable editor.  Both are excellent and with NO watermark.  

By the way, the top video is probably earning about $800 per month, the second is probably about $2400 per month.  The third is a Rolling Stones channel which is using paid content which does not apply since we are using free content.  

I also want you to be aware that it will probably take five or six months before your channel will make money.  I cannot legally make any promises, this is based on my experience which is not spending any money but investing an hour a day.  

Thank you for reading,

Much success,

George Pierce


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    Great idea George Pierce will you be making a new 60's music channel? If not, then I surely will do it. Sixties is my kind of music. Oldies but goodies. 

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      I am considering it. but I am doing a huge migration of content and updates, it is about 2 GB of content.  When that site is done, I have a couple of dozen more. and that is just weight loss. so...not too soon.  The migration is an offshoot, but the updates are thanks to the video that you shared by Neil Patel.  Thank you, Terri. I love the oldies but goodies too.  

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