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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Right For Under $20!


Hi Everyone,

I am George Pierce.  I am a strong supporter of beginning affiliate marketing for free. The reason is that it is not good for any business to spend money that they do not have.  Once you start earning, then you can consider spending.  I believe this is the best advice for newbies, and I also believe that most newbies are not going to listen.  I understand.

Before you run out and spend a hundred to three hundred a month on tools, allow me to offer you a low-cost alternative that I use and love.  

I have been using AIOP for years.  It includes all the tools that you need, all in one place at a price that is the best on the Internet.



Above is a brief overview of what the Basic Plan includes, which is all that most beginners are going to need.  

Hosting, autoresponder (unlimited), funnels, training, lead magnet, and much more are included.  

The cost at the time of this post is $11.50 per month.  

I invite you to learn more.

The other tool that I use is an article spinner.  I use SpinRewriter, I believe it is one of the best.   I like it so well that I have a lifetime membership.

Spin rewriter allows me to put together 2K+ word articles, web pages, blog pages, posts, and so on, in minutes.  I have been using SpinRewriter for 3 or 4 years. I also have a Gold Membership which equals 50 free articles per month every month for life.  FYI, search engines just love when pages, articles, etc. are over 2,000 words, and most free spinners top out at 1K to 1500 words and do not do nearly as good a job. 



I discovered well over 15 years ago that visitors, viewers, and search engines love content.  Content is king and will remain king and SpinRewriter allows me to produce an amazing amount of content.  At the time of this post, SpinRewrier is $77 a year, and your use is unlimited.

To learn more about SpinRewrite:

SpinRewriter nets out to a little under $6.50 a month.  

In other words, you can have all the tools you need for under $20 a month.  

AIOP compares very favorably with the $100 to $300 a-month packages, and that does not include an article spinner.

Thanks for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  If this information makes sense to you, and it should, please watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Right For Under 20/mo. affiliate marketing for beginners step by step


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