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How To Make More MONEY Online Secret Sauce

12382779864?profile=RESIZE_400xHow To Make More MONEY Online Secret Sauce

Hi Everyone!  I am George Pierce.  In this post, you will find the secret sauce to making more money online.  I will be sharing tricks and secrets that will help you improve your calls to action, thus improving your clickthrough rates and your sales.  If getting your visitors or viewers to take action has been difficult, the following tricks should help.

First, you want to get your visitors to get to your call to action.  I do not want to make this seem too easy, but it is easier than you might think.  There is a formula that you can follow, and with practice, you will find that it works. With more practice, it will get easier and easier.  

The formula is proven to work, it is a copywriting formula, and it is called AIDA.  Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. 

In other words, there are four short steps, that you can take, proven steps that you can take, to improve your results.  

1: Attention ~ You want to grab attention, I think of it as making a connection.  If we connect with our visitors immediately, we have a much better chance of them staying on our page, so making an instant connection is essential.  If you are wondering how to make that connection or how to grab that attention, two things will help.   An image and a title.  I am partial to images of people with smiling faces... I intend to infer that people like whatever it is that I am sharing.   Your title should be based on the keyword phrase that your page is built on.  In this case...Make More Money Online.  If you are interested in making more money online, then what you are probably seeking is HOW TO make more money online, in addition, by adding Secret Sauce, this adds an element of curiosity...what it the secret sauce?   

Your visitors are arriving on your page because they are interested in your content, such as making more money online, so let them know immediately that is what your content is about.  

2.  Interest ~ Build interest.  Your choices are almost unlimited, some options are a short story, being controversial,  being humorous, hitting your visitor with a surprise, pointing out different or unique facts, having a casual conversation, and so on.  If you are brand new, consider pointing out features and benefits, with your focus on the benefits.  There is a saying that people do not buy drills, they buy holes, they are mainly interested in benefits.

3.  Desire ~ create desire.  Putting your visitor in possession of whatever they are going to find on the other side of the click-through, and experiencing the benefits with a focus on the five senses.  

4.  CTA ~ Call To Action.  You must ask or tell your visitors to take action.  I suggest that you think of your CTA as a way to continue to the next step in your visitors getting to enjoy and benefit from whatever your affiliate is going to offer.  Using the word 'CONTINUE' on a submit button has served me well.  

The formula is short for a reason, so keep it short.  Your job as an affiliate is NOT to sell your affiliate's product or service, your job is to get that clickthrough.  

Getting people to do what You want can be done, the secret is to show them why they want it.  That means that you and I have to put ourselves in our visitors' shoes, better yet, in our visitors' heads or minds.  The better that you and I are tuned into our visitors, the easier the AIDA formula becomes.

Thank you for reading,

George Pierce

 PS.  If making money online interests you, I invite you to check out my Clickbank Tutorial for beginners.


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    Exact same formula I use too. I learned this from my mentor a long time ago. It works very nicely. 

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