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Hi ALL! 

I am George Pierce, and this post is about making money online.  The above snapshot is from an

advanced poker training site, I am in the top four, this is a free site, I am a free member, and I am 


What does this have to do with online marketing?  You are about to see.

When I was new to poker, I was so bad.  I hate to admit it, but I had a weekly limit...a limit on how much I could afford to LOSE!  Playing poker (or engaging in any activity) is going to help us learn that activity...but, IMHO, that is not enough.  I read about poker, book after book. I started with books for newbies and eventually worked my way up to advanced.  Over time, poker has been very good to me.  

As an online marketer, I was NOT In The Money, as a newbie.  My journey began due to weight loss.  I had been successful in losing over 25 pounds and keeping it off.  Part of my 'maintenance' plan was to scare myself into keeping the weight off.  Although that may have had little to do with helping me to keep the weight off, I learned a lot about weight loss.  I learned why weight loss does not work for most people, and why it worked for me.  I went online to share what I had learned, hopefully, it would work for others.  


I discovered almost immediately that being online does not get visitors.  No one was visiting my site.  Something was missing and that something was called online marketing or Internet Marketing.  

"Be online and starve, learn Internet Marketing and PROSPER!" ~ George Pierce

As mentioned, as a newbie, I had learned the first part, to be online and starve.   

So I researched this Internet Marketing stuff.  At first, I was skeptical.  What I discovered was amazing and still amazes me after 20 years.  Internet Marketing allows you and me to find out what people want and then give it to them!!!!   It is called niche marketing, it allows us to determine that there is a DEMAND in niches with little SUPPLY.  This alone is the key to wealth, the key to being IN THE MONEY.  

There is MORE!

There are two financial levers at our disposal, levers that even newbies can use.  We can duplicate our efforts over and over and over again.

In addition to duplication, our efforts have a "residual effect".  Our web pages, posts, videos, landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, etc, can make money for us today and tomorrow and the next day and so on.  


Making money online does work, BUT, if you cannot afford to outsource, and you want to be IN THE MONEY, you are going to need to learn Internet Marketing.  If you are willing to learn, your rewards will exceed your imagination.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  For free training, I invite you to visit my Internet Marketer Training channel. 


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    This statement " Internet Marketing allows you and me to find out what people want and then give it to them!!!!   It is called niche marketing, it allows us to determine that there is a DEMAND in niches with little SUPPLY.  This alone is the key to wealth, the key to being IN THE MONEY." says it all. Perfectly said and this is what SE is all about, giving bloggers, authors and article writers the exposure and free traffic via syndication on the top social sites. You're a valued member here because you give people top notch information, tips and advice for success. 

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      SE boosts exposure for free, automatically, and on some of the best social platforms on the Internet.  Thank you, Terri. 

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