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I cannot think of any business that does not need traffic.  It is essential, so you and I need to put a high priority on driving traffic to our websites, blogs, videos, and so on.  

This post is about helping you get more visitors and/or more viewers and the best part is that what you are about to discover is fast and easy and free.

I want to share two sites that you can use right away.

The first site is Syndication Express.  SE syndicates your efforts, so it is like multiplying your efforts by seven...not just SE, also 3 Twitter accounts, the SE Facebook fan page, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  

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The second traffic site is IBOToolbox.  


IBO gets about 300K visitors a day, that alone makes it worth your while. In addition, IBO will reward you for doing what you want to do anyway.  IBO will give you free ad credits for just about everything you do.  You get 500 free ad credits for joining and up to 50 ad credits for just showing up (for visiting as a member).  You also can get credits for posting, commenting, and more.  

In addition to all the free traffic and exposure that you can get at IBO, you can use your free ad credit for even more traffic by running ads on the various IBO site as well as solo ads in their emails.  





Just last week, I was caught in a traffic jam and a State Trooper knocked on my window.

I had my seat belt on, but not my face mask.  Fortunately, the mask was not the issue.

The trooper explained that the traffic jam was being caused by terrorists who were holding a group of politicians hostage.

The terrorists had blockaded the road and threatened to burn the politicians alive with 1000 gallons of gasoline if their ransom

demand of 2 million dollars was not met within the hour.

The State Trooper said he was going from car to car collecting donations and would I please help.

It seemed like I had no choice, so I asked the officer how much everyone else was giving.


The trooper replied, "Around two gallons is the average."


Thanks for reading, my friends, allow me to wish you much success.

George Pierce

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    I really enjoyed the joke and the testimony about Syndication Express is fabulous. Thank you for being here and sharing your knowledge and information for us. 

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