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Kid$ TV Channel$ spell $$$$$


Hi All,

I am George Pierce.  This post is about a recent discovery that I made that can help you to make money on YouTube.

The discovery is that there are a lot of YT channels that are using my Faceless Video strategy on YT to grow Kid TV channels.  I am personally using this strategy... which is a way to grow a YT channel and NEVER make a video.  I will talk more about that soon.  First. allow me to share an example of how this strategy is being applied to Kids' channels and how much money is possible.  

My application for this process is to download vintage videos from a Public Domain site called Intenet Archive and upload those videos to YouTube.  There is a preliminary step and a step after publication to make sure that the videos have an audience and to get the videos in front of that audience. We will get to that soon.

One of the playlists for my video TV channel is vintage Kids' TV.  The above snapshot is of one of my uploads.  



Part of the process, as mentioned, is research.  Above is an example of what I found.    The same exact video that I uploaded today on another channel, a kids' channel.  The video has 133K views, which is what I came to see, then, I noticed that the channel has 373M views. That is the reason for this post.  With that number of views, this channel should be making a lot of money from YT.

So I went to a site called Social Blade.  One of the things that Social Blade does is estimate a YT channel's revenue.


According to Socal Blade, this channel is earning between $30K to $485K per year from YT for downloading and uploading videos.

At $4 per 1K views, which is a YT channel average, this channel has probably made around $1.5M from YT.

Allow me to also point out that the channel above has uploaded over 800 videos and uploads regularly and consistently.

I am inviting you to take a look at this strategy, but it still takes consistent effort.  I believe it is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to earn an excellent income from home and, allow me to remind you that I am backing up what I say by doing this myself.

I invite you to watch this video.  I share the process step by step.

💲The Absolute Easiest Way To Make Money Online Proof 3 steps

Everything is free, there is NOTHING for sale.  

Your FREE Resources:


Internet Archive

OpenShot free downloadable video editor

Clipchamp free online video editor

The download tool that you can use to schedule your downloads is FREE Download Manager


Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  My channel is Mr. P's Classic Television. The channel is new, but it is already showing up in Google search, YT search, Yahoo search, etc. due to SEO, which is part of the 3 steps.  SEO is no big deal, I share a FREE tool that does the work for us.



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    Thank you, Terri. According to my personal research and experience, a game show channel has the most potential, Kids TV shows are a close second.  

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    Bravo George Pierce and such a wonderful strategy you're using and sharing with others too. 

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