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Life Is So Wonderful!


Hi Everyone!  I am George Pierce and this post is about a sweet little trick that you can use to make your life WONDERFUL!  Allow me to share an original story, so you can see how easy it is for you to get started.

Years ago, there were two elevator operators, Jan and Sal.  They worked side by side in a posh business building in New York City.  Jan ran elevator A and Sal worked elevator B.   From 8 AM to 5:30 PM, Jan and Sal helped the elevator riders reach their destinations.  

Sal has been running her elevator for several years and knows almost everyone who works in the building, which is probably about a thousand people.  Sal does not just say hi, she talks with her riders, makes friends with her riders, and in most cases, Sal knows many of the personal and business details of their lives.   For Sal, work is a day-long social event that she looks forward to getting to work every day, and is a bit disappointed when it is time to go home.  

Jan has only been an elevator operator for about 8 months.  The job was available, she needed a job, and no one else was hiring, so she took it.  In her mind, it is a dead-end job, and as soon as something better comes up, she will move on.  In the meantime, she will bide her time, tolerate her passengers, and force herself to work at a job she does not like.  Jan does not know the names of her passengers, or any of the details of their lives, her conversations are minimal, and that is the way she likes it.  Each day, Jan cannot wait to go home.  

What Sal and Jan do not know is that there is an opening in public relations for one of the companies in the building.  Because of Sal's attitude, and warmth, she is going to be offered the position.  She is the perfect candidate.


 There is a famous Henry Ford quote "Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right." The quote emphasizes how much attitude determines success or failure. What this means is that you decide on your own success or failure. If you think you can, you will succeed, you will somehow find a way to make it happen. 

This same quote applies to your life being wonderful.  Your first step is to change your attitude and to start seeing your world as wonderful.  


Two of the most important ingredients for your new WONDERFUL World are the 2 Gs.  

#1 Gratitude

#2 Giving

Gratitude: I have a personal mantra about my being happy, healthy, wealthy, and feeling great. Immediately, I follow that with THANK YOU.  Who or what you thank, does not matter...what matters is the thank you.  In fact, I typically include about five 'thank yous'.  Each thank you is said with more and more sincerity.

Giving:  I believe that you may find that giving is the secret sauce that you have been looking for.  Give for the sake of giving with no thought of remuneration or retribution, what goes around comes around.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  Allow me to include an update on my Faceless Video Training



In the last two months, I have been occasionally adding 'longer' videos such as full-length movies and compilations.  The reasoning was to improve watch time...longer videos should mean that people will watch longer, thus more watch time.  The ultimate goal was to acquire more subscribers.  

The plan was that longer videos would mean more watch time, more watch time sends a signal to YT that people like the videos, the result is that YT sends the channel's video out to more people, which means more views, which creates a bit of a viral effect and ultimately means more subscribers.  Subscribers have doubled, the rate of subscribers has tripled, views have doubled, and watch time has more than tripled.  

What you are seeing above is from my newest online adventure, building a YT channel without making videos, and without spending money.  All the traffic above is 100% free organic traffic.  

If you are seeking a way to make money from home, I invite you to check out the three-step process that I cover in detail in my Faceless Video Training.  The training is free and no skills are needed.  

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    This is all good information and congrats on your success with your channel. Thank you for sharing your faceless video strategy training here. 

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      As momentum begins to take hold, I look forward to better and better results.  Thank you, Terri.  

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