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Make Money Online For Free!


Hello ALL!  I am George Pierce, this post is about how you can make money online for free.  There is no need to spend any money, and you will soon see how you can access all the tools you need, including a website, autoresponder, training, and much more.  For example, the above image was created for free at a site called Camva.  If you want to create any kind of image or video, Canva will make it easy and at no cost.  

I have two favorite free sites that allow you to make money online for free as fast and as easily as possible.  The sites are LeadsLeap and WorldProfit.  What these two sites provide you for free is mind-blowing.  

12619445866?profile=RESIZE_710xAbove is a snapshot from LeadsLeap.  LeadsLeap is a perfect site for generating leads and traffic  and for growing a list, as well as link tracking. It provides you will have everything you need to make money online for free and more...MUCH MORE!  LeadsLeap includes the free training that you need with step-by-step instructions and all newbie-friendly.  Yet your results will be professional.



The above is a snapshot of a free capture page that you can create with ease using free templates, and in minutes at LeadsLeap.  Best of all, little tricks such as arrows and a properly worded Headline and CTA, are already included!  what this means to you is that your capture pages will capture emails.  When I was new, almost nothing worked for capture pages did not capture emails, only because I lacked the skills.  LeadsLeap will help you to be able to be much more effective, even though you may be a beginner. 


I am not going to list all the goodies that you will find at LeadsLeap and WorldProfit,

You can visit the sites and find out for yourself.  Above is just one of many ways that you can make money, a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad widget.  When someone clicks on an ad, you make money.

The other site is WorldProfit. 


Above is a snapshot of just one of many of the freebies that come with a free WorldProfit membership.  It is 50,000 free visits!  It is real, it is legit, and you can send all your free traffic to one site, or more than one site.  

Another benefit is that WorldProfit has a free PLR vault. 



At the time of this post, there are 603 free-to-use PLR products in the vault.  You can use these for personal use, of course, and you can use them as incentives, freebies, giveaways, and bonuses. 

WorldProfit and LeadsLeap have so much to offer, which helps you, but also makes it easy for you to give them away, to build your list, generate leads, and make money.  

As you probably know, the "Make Money Online For Free" niche is very popular, and lucrative.


 Above is a snapshot of a free tool from TubeBuddy, the tool is Keyword Explorer.  

As you can see, there are over 100K searches to make money online for free, yet the keyword phrase scores in green, which is what I recommend to newbies.  Another way to generate free traffic and leads is to make videos based on keywords such as the phrase above and include a link in your video description to a squeeze page such as you see above.



I know that Making Money Online may not be as easy as some of the promises that you might see but with the right tools and training, it is so much easier than ever, and there is no need to spend money.  As you have seen, lots of people are interested in this niche, and they NEED what LeadsLeap and WorldProfit have to offer.  You will find that both sites are fantastic, which means that you can share them with confidence,

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  For more free make-money online training, visit my YT channel. 

PPS.  Be careful.  The resources in this post seem too good to be true, I have been a happy user of all of them for years, nevertheless, be cautious when it comes to freebies.  


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    Very informative PR George.  You're right LeadsLeap is outstanding.  And WorldProfit most definitely has stood the test of time.  The only reason they're still around is because they're making money.  Nice graphics too.  The tools LeadsLeap offer allows beginners to almost look professional from the beginning.  I like the irony of the weight loss image.  Just goes to show you have to double check before you put it out there. 

  • Top Member

    Nice information in this press release and I can validate that Leadsleap is all that and more. World profit has been around a long time, and they have a lot to offer online marketers. 

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