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Making Mistakes ~ A Skill Worth Learning!


Hi ALL!  I am George Pierce, I am proud to be the KING of mistakes and this post is about why mistakes help you and me, more than successes.  Mistakes and successes are both learning experiences, while mistakes may seem like they are the worst way to learn, if you will think about it, mistakes do a better job of helping us learn.  

In addition, the more mistakes you make, the more you learn, and when you learn from your mistakes, I believe you will agree that it is a lesson learned WELL.  

You and I do not want to make mistakes purposely, but success will only happen, regardless of our quest, if we are willing to venture out of our comfort zone.  The more that we are willing to leave our comfort zone, the more we invite success...and the more we are likely to make mistakes.  

From most perspectives, mistakes are to be avoided, from a success perspective, mistakes should be welcomed and embraced.  

Many years ago, I was the youngest recipient of the "Executive Award" thanks to my DM.  He told me that he would give me as much rope as possible, but not to worry.  If I were not making occasional MISTAKES, he would be concerned.  

Making Mistakes ~ A Skill Worth Learning!

Based on my DM's advice, occasional mistakes were expected!??  What he meant by occasional mistakes is experimenting with new things, new ways, different ways, and hopefully better ways, to improve my business, and ultimately my bottom line.  Not everything is going to work, some will be mistakes, but some will add to your success.  

Below is an example of one of my many many mistakes!


The above snapshot is a side-by-side glimpse of the overall performance of two of my YT channels that are based on my Faceless Video strategy, a way to make money online using YT, but never having to make a video, be on camera, or spend money.  The one on the left is a Game Show channel, and the one on the right is a movie channel.  

Both channels are still new, but at first, I was convinced that the Movie channel was going to outperform the Game Show channel.  Why? Movies are longer, and that means more watch time.  Watch time happens to be one of the strongest reasons for YT to give your videos more exposure, it indicates that people like watching your videos, so YT shares your videos with more and more people.  

At first, I was right, but in just 30 days, it looks like I was WRONG!   The Game Show channel should overtake the Movie channel soon, I made a mistake!

Not all my mistakes are as benevolent, as the one above, one cost me a channel, and almost the two channels above.  I crossed the line in an have got to try new things...which turned out to give the channel a copyright strike.  Three strikes and you are out!  Three strikes and YT will shut down your channel.  I was wrong!  I made a mistake, YT owns the platform, and YT shut down the channel along with the two above.  Fortunately, the two above had zero strikes and zero problems so they were restored.  

I hope you see why I share that MISTAKES are our best teachers, and why mistakes are a good thing.  Consider getting out of your comfort zone more often and you may find that Making Mistakes is A Skill Worth Learning.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  If you are seeking a way to make money online, allow me to invite you to watch my Faceless Video Training.  My adaptation of the process is three steps that I lay out in detail.  Anyone can do this from just about anywhere with zero expense. 


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