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MLM Training - Ear Hustling And Network Marketing


I bet the subject of this post caught your attention and I’m willing to bet that many of you don’t  know what ear hustling is.


I will tell you this much, it is something that we all do at some point in our lives.


First off I will tell you how I was introduced to it. As a southern lady down in Houston, Texas and spending a lot of time in Louisiana aka the boot state. The people down there would use the words ear hustling a lot and at first I didn’t know what it meant. My mother finally told me what it means.


Ear Hustling is another way of saying eavesdropping or listening in on a conversation while in the the same room and pretending to be doing something else.


Here’s an example: Remember when you were growing up and living at home, and your parents had company. If your parents were like my parents, then it was no no to be in the company of adults. You were supposed to go to your room. Right? 

However, we all were young once and know you wanted to know why we had to leave the room when company came. So you decided to come out of the room and go into the kitchen and listen to what they were talking about. This is ear hustling, because you were listening when your parents didn’t know you were there. 


So how does this relate to network marketing, we do this online everyday. The most obvious place where you will find a lot of ear hustling going on would be Facebook, after all it is the top social site on the internet these days.  


Haven’t you seen people post something on Facebook, it could be a photo, an article or you could be sharing something on profile for your friends to see. Remember when you share it for your friends, there is a great chance that someone who is not your friend. This is the virality of Facebook and someone can see your post and jump in and make a comment and then Facebook sends you a notification that one of your friends commented on your post. Now this is someone you don’t even know. So you go to see what they posted. It’s not telling what they posted so you go to see what it is they posted. Curiosity will get the best of us all. YOU might get there and see someone has posted a business opportunity link or some comment that’s not  even relevant. 


This I would call ear hustling offline, except in the case of Facebook we shall call it “post hustling” or Spammers.

In other words, people that leave business links in comments on people’s posts in groups and friends post in their newsfeed.   


This is not good for business and will not serve you well on the world wide web known as internet marketing.  I have been online since 2007 and have learned a great deal, and know that in order to brand your name using the social media sites and in the search engines. 


It all begins with getting to know people who you become associated with online. Remember they don’t know you and it doesn’t make sense to spam them with your business opportunity as soon as you become their friend/associate. This is a big turn off, and they will most likely un-associate with you. Why risk it? Don’t do it if you expect to be successful on the internet.


Do it right and watch how I do it. YOU can check me out on several groups I have on Facebook and my social site I started called Syndication Express. It’s a site for bloggers, articles writers and authors. You can publish press releases about your business. Syndication happens for blog posts, articles and press releases. Check it out now, and I look forward to seeing you in the community. 

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    You are right about FB, thank you, Terri.

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      I learned about Facebook a long time ago and feel that I know how the site functions and the virality and how it works. You can get a lot of free exposure and traffic when you know what you doing on Facebook. I been noticing the post that people are posting a lot of junk in their newsfeed.

      You must post something that people want to see and it's beneficial for them. There are too many cooking videos right now on Facebook, and in my humble opinion it's not what people want to see. Facebook allows this because they are showing ads on the videos and this is what FB wants. They have so many ads on there site because FB is really an advertising site, they have big companies that pay to advertise on their site. 

      Since FB have billions of people on their site, this means more money for them. The ads are targeted and it literally will reach and generate traffic for them. However there are free ways to accomplish this without having to pay for FB advertising. I have the secret and I believe you know it too George. 


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