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P+S=$$$$ Affiliate Math You Will Love


HI ALL!  I am George Pierce and this post is based on how you can use a proven Affiliate Marketing formula.  The formula is P+S=$ which stands for Problem plus Solution equals $$$.  The problem, in this case, is the need to lose weight, and the solution I am sharing is Sumatra Slin Belly Tonic, which  is a product available through Clickbank, an affiliate network that is free to join. This weight loss tonic is one of about a dozen weight loss products that you can affiliate with at CB. 



As you see above, the GRAVITY for this product is over 250. Gravity is a measure that CB uses to indicate how well a product is selling over the last 12 weeks.  High-gravity (over 100) indicates that the products are flying off the shelves.  At CB,  most of the sellers are giving away HUGE commissions.  

As you can also see above, the initial sale averages $129.06 commission with a future or rebill commission of another $75.23 which is over $200!

To earn commissions, your job is to send people who want to lose weight to the seller's website.  

The sellers at CB are going to make it as easy as possible!  

When you make money, they make money, so they are motivated by providing you with email swipes, demographics, keywords, ad inspiration lists, banners, images, and more.  

Below are ad inspiration phrases that Sumatra Slim Belly Tonic has put together for us.  



A free tool that I use (I upgraded) to help with KEYWORDS is Keyword Explorer, which is one of many tools to help you with YT.  KE is available from TbeBuddy.  The tool will assess your keywords based on search, competition, and keyword strength, and then give it an overall score.

A phrase with a score that shows up as Excellent should help you get free traffic.  Use high-scoring phrases in your tags and use one or more of the best in your title.  See the video and the PS for another SEO tip.




The following video shows how you can take advantage of the ad inspiration words and these high-soring keywords. It includes the two ad inspiration phrases and the keyword phrase.  These phases will be most helpful when sharing your video on social media many different times in many different ways by using varied images and text.


(The actual video is on Rumble TV, but the code did not work.  This is a private listing on YT)


Your CTA tells your viewers to click the link below which goes to your squeeze page and then to your affiliate.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

PS. Notice that the keyword phrase is IN THE VIDEO!  

PPS.  Visit my YT channel for free affiliate marketing training.

PPPS.  Post something like this on social media. Send folks to your video.  This is a free FB ad made with Canva.  


PPPPS.  This is easy and it works. 



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  • Top Member

    You have provided step by step instructions to get started with Clickbank. It's simple and easy to follow and do. As usual your post are always detailed for readers. Thank you for sharing your post here in the SE community. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I believe my first sales were with Market Health, and then one day, when I visited CB, I had made 3 sales, you would think I had won the lottery.  Thank you, Terri, 

  • Top Commentor

    Thank you George.  You do the deep research so we don't have to.  I believe that makes the difference between long term success and short term money.  I've learned much from you over the years. I really like that video. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      When we are new, research can point us in the right direction and help us avoid endeavors that might waste our time.  Videos like this one are easy and fun to create. All the clips are from Pexels and the music is from Bensound, thank you, Robin.  

    • Top Commentor

      I can attest to the waste of time part.  I did a lot of that.  I need to start doing video, I know that will help me a lot.  Thanks for sharing these resources George, along with the instructions on how to use them.  

    • Top Video Contributor

      I did not mention that the CTA video clip (pointing down) is from GIPHY.  All clips and audio are free.  

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