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Thank YOU!



I am George Pierce.   Above is a snapshot of a recent milestone from my Internet Marketer Training Channel.  Syndication Express sends this channel more traffic than any other site, other than YT.  So allow me to thank you.  

The IMTC is a training channel that is actually about training, about making money online.  That might sound strange, but, based on my research, 100% of the IM Training channels on YT are there to sell you something.  That might sound bad, but it is not.  That is what those channels are there for (to sell you), so they are doing their job.  

I made a commitment to give back over 40 years ago and re-confirmed that commitment about 15 years ago.  The IMTC and my presence on Syndication Express are a couple of examples of the results of that commitment. 

This is a pro bono approach which is NOT what you want to do and it is not what I teach, but I get to teach what you actually need to know, such as learning for free, marketing for free, niche research, siphoning, and more.  Most of all the big dogs do not teach this because you would soon figure out that you should not be buying what they are selling. 

I believe in spending money on your home biz, but not until your biz can afford it.  I believe free is your best option as a newbie, because then every dollar you make is profit.  The early profits may be small but they can be HUGE when it comes to keeping you in the game. Anyone can do this, they simply need to stay with it.  Starting at no cost makes it easier to keep plugging and succeed.

Thank you again and thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. My channel is the Internet Marketer Training channel, it focuses on helping you to make money from home at no cost.


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    Thanks, Terri.  SE is a big help.

    • Top Member

      George, I so admire your commitment to your training site...   With Internet Marketers Training Center, you most certainly have set a fine example of what it takes to be an effective mentor...  You have dotted all the I's & crossed all the T's by paying attention to those who decide you offer exactly what is needed to provide them with a blueprint for their own success, most of which is at a zero cost...  Your nothing to lose & everything to gain examples are invaluable to those who just need a hand up when just starting out to follow their dreams...    

      Many of us watched as Terri worked tirelessly towards developing this incredible site, born because of the failed platform, IBO Toolbox... With the development of SE, Terri has transformed the IBO Spirit into the Syndication Express Spirit & life goes on... Terri has provided us with an excellent resource developed specifically for bloggers, authors & a diverse community of writers who, like George, believe in what she has developed here...  There is a sense of community, a coming together, of sharing ideas & helping each other whenever possible to add to the success & growth of this platform...

      I have a sense of gratitude for Terri's & George's successes because they help to lead the way to my own...  Congratulations to you both for helping to keep our dreams alive!  :D

  • Top Member

    Great news of your milestone and I'm glad to know that Syndication Express is helping you to achieve success on Youtube. This is the goal and why I started SE. Keep publishing great content and videos, and you will get the syndication as well. 

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